Whether you have a residential security system or a commercial security system, in order for the central station to know that the person that they are speaking to is an authorized user of the system, a password is used.

A password is a word that is attached to your monitoring account which the central station asks for before they will give you any information or take instruction from you.  If you do not know your password, you will not be able to stop a false police dispatch.  For this reason, it is very important that every user of the alarm system has knowledge of the password.

This password can be universal, one that every user of the system knows, or the preferable way, each user having an individual password. The advantage of the individual passwords is better security. Since every person has their own word, they will safeguard it closer than if everyone is sharing a word.  Also, if you decide that someone no longer should have access to your premises, you can change the alarm system user code, (the code that is used to disarm the system) and the password.

If a disgruntled employee has a universal password, even if their code was taken out of the alarm system, they would be able to stop a police dispatch.  Since the password is universal, a name is not attached to it so you don’t know who in reality answered the phone and gave the password.

Password maintenance is simple.  Simply call your alarm company and they can take your changes.  We ask for it in writing, via email or fax. After that, we do all the work.

To recap, for added security every user of the alarm system should be given their own unique password as well as their own passcode for operation of the system.

There are exceptions of course, very often husband and wife use the same code and often the kids as well.  This is not a great idea since they may share that password with their friends. It is easier to change one person’s code then asking all users to remember a new one.

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