The ROI of Security Systems: How Investing in Security Saves You Money

May 9, 2024By Ira BerkowitzUncategorized No Comments

  As a commercial property owner, you understand the importance of protecting your investment.  This includes safeguarding your building, inventory, and tenants from theft, vandalism, and other security threats. While installing a security system might seem like an additional expense, the truth is, it’s an investment that can save you significant money in the long … Read More

Local vs Cloud – What’s The Best Way To Store Your Camera Footage

August 2, 2021By adminBusiness Security Systems No Comments

Surveillance plays a vital role in any comprehensive security system. It helps authorities catch criminals and provides helpful insight into your business operations by collecting and analyzing data on a daily basis. Where and how is all of this visual and analytical data being “collected?” That is the ever pressing question for system integrators and … Read More