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A comprehensive fire alarm system reduces the possibility of fire that brings costly risks to your business. It's one of the most devastating occurrences small businesses sustain. Last year, fires caused more than $3 billion in structural damage to commercial buildings. Those numbers don’t account for losses from smoke and water damage. Both are significant business disruptions. They threaten assets, the safety of employees, visitors, and patients. You owe it to yourself and your staff to defend against these threats.


Shield yourself against costly business losses. You can mitigate the risks with a commercial fire alarm system from Perfect Connections. We're a trusted commercial fire alarm company in central & northern New Jersey. Perfect Connections provides expert, comprehensive alarm systems for your business or commercial facility. Wondering how a system could help save your business? Consider a few plausible scenarios.

In food service businesses, open flames and cooking areas are susceptible to combustion, unattended appliances could spontaneously ignite. Even at a business that doesn't focus on cooking, electrical systems are a source of potential flames. Damaged, crowded, or poorly configured electrical wiring could lead to short circuits and overloads. The end result of which are often crippling fires.

At just about any kind of business, the possibility of a fire is very real. Fire alarm systems can provide an instantaneous alert in the case of such an occurrence. Using a combination of automatic and manual deployment methods, you can limit the chances of a fire consuming your property and endangering lives.

The alert warns everyone present that a fire is occurring and that evacuation is necessary. Integration with mitigation systems can slow the spread of fire. Notification of the fire services means they can respond to the call quickly. Once present, they can extinguish the fire and prevent any further damage. The utility of fire alarm systems cannot be overstated. Incorporating them into your business is a prudent step that can help protect your investment from potential harm.


Trust in Perfect Connections. We design and install custom systems that include features like fire alarm monitoring. This helps to protect you against catastrophic loss. Properly installed, fire alarm systems can alert you to dangerous situations, minimizing loss of property and life.

As the premier fire alarm service company in central and northern New Jersey, we work with many business types to protect their assets. This includes hospitals, health care providers, medical facilities industries, doctor’s offices, manufacturing enterprises, assisted living and nursing care facilities, and salvage yard and recycling businesses.

Call us today at 800-369-3962 to discover how we can help protect you from catastrophic loss with the right commercial fire burglar alarm system. Want a free 73 point security assessment that includes your fire alarm system needs? CLICK HERE now.

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