Burglar Alarm | Theft Prevention System



Burglary often seems to strike from nowhere, like a natural disaster. Many people imagine the classic thief in the night, breaking into your premises leaving loss and damage in their wake. They're dressed in all black, have an array of high-tech gadgetry to aid in their crime, and use highly sophisticated methodolgy to target and enter your property.

Most burglars enter your home or business when you aren't around. The come during the day, when you're likely to be at work or running errands. Far from dressing in a black catsuit, like you may have learned from the movies, they'll don a plain-clothes outfit to blend in. Particularly savvy criminals will disguise themselves as service or delivery personnel. They don't spend inordinate amounts of time rifling through your possessions. They work quickly: most burglaries are committed within a span of 10 minutes or less.

They'll break in a window sometimes, but a burglar is far more likely to just come through the door. Oftentimes, the front door, as homeowners simply forget to lock it. As for what they'll take, burglars love to target your electronics and easy to carry items.


You might think you'll never be targeted, but why take the chance? An estimated 2,000,000 burglaries take place in the United States every year. Theft prevention is a necessary precaution to ensure the safety of your belongings. A burglar alarm can serve several functions to this end. In some cases, its presence can act as a deterrent—burglars are less apt to target a spot where it is more likely that they will encounter such interference. In other situations, when they go through with the act, the alarm can serve to alert people in the area (as well as the authorities) that something is amiss. This ensures a rapid response and decreases the burglar's chances of success.


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