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Wireless Home Security System Central & Northern NJ | Burglar Alarms

The modern era has birthed a number of technological advances. When it comes to guarding your property, the wireless home security system is proof of this. It’s part of an ever growing trend called “smart home security.” It’s the idea that you can stay connected to your home through an ever-present network. Control of your home function, remote surveillance, even the burglar alarm system can be controlled from directly in the home or a remote access point that you command. Take a second to think about it. Perfect Connections invites you to imagine how a wireless system could improve your daily routine.


As you wake, your home takes on a different atmosphere. The lights, thermostat, and even the speaker system all get into gear to ease you into the morning. Thanks to your presets and home automation schedule, your system knows what temperature you want, how bright you need it to be, and what song to play from your catalog.

While you’re away from the home, your wireless system is relaying information to you about what’s happening. You can view your camera feed, and adjust whatever you need as long as it’s integrated into your wireless system. Need to turn out a light, see who came to the door, or briefly disarm the system so a friend can come get something they left over the night before? All possible with remote access.

When you return, your wireless home security system readies itself. With the right setup, your system can automatically disengage, unlock the doors, and handle whatever else you need upon arrival. Make changes on the fly with voice commands, and feel secure in knowing that your surveillance system and burglar alarm will alert you in case anything is amiss. This isn’t a fiction, this is real possibility, thanks to wireless security options.


Naysayers are quick to denigrate the abilities of wireless home security systems. Too expensive. Too difficult to set up. A childish fantasy. Etc. and the like. What they discount, though, is that this technology is constantly being refined and that there skilled providers like Perfect Connections are staying up to date on every change. Faster connections and better home security are standard with each upgrade to wireless technology.

Making use of a professional service like ours ensures that you’ll get the best installation experience possible. We’ll survey your property, and consult with you on your best options. We can custom craft the best security system to fit your home. When it comes time to set everything up, we’ll do all the heavy lifting. When your system is in place, we’re still available to provide support and answer questions. It’s the reason we’ve gained a reputation as such a reputable dealer.

Improving your home with a smart wireless system will provide security and could even save you money on energy and other costs. Why not explore your options and find out how this technology could benefit you? Give us a call today at 800-369-3962 for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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