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The Unexpected

You’re away at work or shopping. A storm moves in. You hope your family is safe. You try calling. No one answers. The storm continues as you drive home. It worsens. You continue to worry if your family is safe. You call again. Still no answer. It’s now dark as you arrive home. You fumble to find your keys and open the front door of your home as the storm rages down upon you. Thankfully, your family is fine. If you had been “connected,” though, things would have been different. You'd have saved yourself from the panic of wondering if things were OK. You'd have avoided having to rush back to check. You would have had peace of mind thanks to a remote link to your home.


Leave Worries Behind. Focus On What Matters Most

Today’s technology allows for the modern convenience of the "connected home," AKA home automation. The connected home includes all the security features you’d want to protect your family. This revolutionary advance grants the ability to monitor your home remotely, from anywhere in the world, with internet access. It helps you control all the temporal aspects of your life, leaving your worries behind, to focus on the things that matter most. Confused about the benefits? Consider what you can do when the ability to view your property in real time, 24/7 is at your fingertips.

Perfect Connections can provide your custom home, or new construction, with complete Home Automation. Call us,800-369-3962, today to discover a new way of living with the Connected Home.

Features of Home Automation


Simple Remote Access From Your Computer & Mobile Device


Interior, Exterior, and Perimeter Video Surveillance


Settings That Sense Your Location & Prepare For Your Arrival Turning On Lights & Adjusting Temperatures To Name A Few Features.


Temperature Control & Timed Settings Giving You Energy Savings

Lock & Unlock Your Home Remotely

Open & Close Your Garage Doors From Anywhere Rain or Shine

Turn On Any Lights Inside & Outside Remotely

Know Which Doors Have Been Opened & When

Water Sensors To Protect You From Flooding Or Pipe Breaks

Control Media Elements Including Audio & Video Throughout Your Home

Control Window Shades Remotely For Optimum Comfort & Energy Savings

Receive Customized Email & Text Notifications About Your Home System Including Opened Windows, Doors, Alarms, and More.

Arm, Disarm, and Check Fire & Burglar Alarms Including Smoke, Carbon Monoxide & Gas Sensors With Remote Control At Your Fingertips

Complete Peace of Mind With 24/7 Monitoring From One of the Country’s Best Monitoring Companies

Benefits Of Remote Access

Now you can use your smart device as a remote control center for your home. Depending on your camera set up, you can see what is going on from multiple angles. You’ll know if your family is safe, if your property has been disturbed, or if anyone suspicious has approached your home. You’ll be able to receive important alerts and notifications about what is happening up to the minute. You’ll have the ability to record what happens on your premises. You’ll stay abreast on any threats to your property no matter where you are. You’ll have instant knowledge of fires, intrusion, and other threats to your home. The level of confidence this provides you is immeasurable.

Home automation is another amazing advantage you will enjoy. The ability to arm, disarm, lock, or unlock various parts of your system or home with a few button presses. This is a level of control previously unattainable right in your pocket. You can set schedules for lights, thermostats, and other electricity drawing systems. This equals direct savings for you thanks to smarter energy consumption. Syncing the systems to your departure and arrival can enhance this effect even greater, ensuring that you only use the power you need, when you need it.

Let The Pros Handle Your Home Automation Upgrade

Perfect Connections can provide your custom home or new construction with complete home automation. We can install a new system that includes all the modern features you deserve. Call us on 800-369-3962 today to discover a new way of living with the always connected home.