Here is a really good application of an interactive alarms system.

We recently installed a 2GIG GO! Control Interactive alarm system powered by in an older couple’s home. They have had an alarm system for a while but decided it was time for an upgrade and had read about some of the features available today in our newsletters.

One thing that I never thought of, but my customer did, is access to the house by emergency personnel in the case of a medical or other emergency.  He wanted to make sure that a Z-Wave enabled lock was included with the system for the front door.

He had thought this through. If something happened and neither he nor his wife were able to reach the front door to let emergency responders in, he could unlock the door from a keypad or his phone to allow access. We also provided the central monitoring center with the code for the door (the Z-Wave lock has a numeric keypad on it) and they would give that number to the police department when dispatching.

The emergency responders could gain access. Problem solved.

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