To operate an alarm system from the keypad you need a numeric code.  These codes are called passcodes, PINS, or user codes.  In all cases, to disarm the system, you have to enter a user code. Some alarm systems are programmed to require you to use a code to arm the system as well.

The main user code is the Master Code.  The master code allows you to make some basic changes to the alarm system and review history and trouble conditions. The master code is also the code you use to add and delete other user codes.

Typically, user codes (other than the master) can arm and disarm the system.  If selected they can do other functions, such as bypassing zones, as well. You can also program a code as a one time code, if you need to give someone access to your premises only once.

For various reasons is a good idea to give different users of the alarm system different codes. First, the alarm system can keep track of who disarmed the system.  You know who came in and what time. Second, if you fire the person or cleaning service, you don’t have to remember a new code, you simply have to delete the code you no longer wish to be in the system.

Most alarm systems have the capability for at least 12 user codes.  If you need more, make sure you tell your alarm company. It is important that you keep track of the user code position that any code is assigned.  Often you can’t see the codes from the alarm keypad so keeping a simple spread sheet is a good idea.  Make sure you are instructed as to how to add and delete codes. If you want to make sure that the system keeps track of arming and disarming, tell your installer. The newer systems we install, from 2GIG, keep track automatically.  With the interactive service, that information is available right from your phone.

When you have an alarm system installed, you will also need to have a password for the central station.  That will be the topic of the next post.

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