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It’s amazing what people do when they think that no one is watching. People fake slips and fall incidents for insurance claims. Expensive equipment somehow vanishes from an office and appears in a home or car. Inventory disappears without a trace. Some people will even compromise proprietary information when they think the coast is clear. It's an unfortunate, but very real side of human behavior—we try to perform our dirtiest deeds undercover.


These situations create risk and asset management challenges for you and your business. How are you as an owner going to instill accountability in your staff when you can only be in one place at a time? How will you mitigate instances of employee theft and slacking? How will you change your company culture for the better? Installing a business video surveillance system at your facility can provide the assistance that you need.

Business and commercial video surveillance systems give you "eyes on" all aspects of your property. They let you see what some might want to keep hidden, and allow you to target security deficient areas. You can monitor employee behavior and look for patterns. In an office, you can see if your workers are staying on task or wasting your time. You can track attempts to access secured areas. You can find out if they are coming and going at their appointed hours and get a sense for whether or not they are engaging in any misconduct. At a retail setting, you can use surveillance to directly track points of sale for shady activity. If anything appears amiss, either with your customers of employees, you can act upon it with haste. Furthermore, video surveillance allows you to analyze employee productivity and asset theft. From this data, you can create better company performance and measures. Employees are more likely to perform when they know that you will hold them to account for their behavior.


Business video surveillance does more than keep an eye on internal happenings. Security camera systems can cover exterior doors to keep your employees safe. A constant watch on potential points of intrusion helps you avoid surprise visitors. You'll always know who is coming and going from your property. You can screen your visitors. This adds a layer of security that your employees will appreciate. In the event of a burglary, you'll know exactly what happened thanks to extensive camera angles and high quality recorded video. No matter the business, video surveillance is a cornerstone to keeping the property safe and secure.


You'll need to equip yourself with the best. Perfect Connections can provide your central or northern New Jersey business with a comprehensive, customized business video surveillance system. We’re security experts with decades of security systems expertise. We provide solutions in many business industries. Our clientele includes hospitals, health care and medical facilities, doctor’s offices, the manufacturing industry, assisted living, and scrap yard and auto recycling industries. Our ability to tailor a system to the needs of a business puts us leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

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