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They say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. You’ve made a business helping others find that treasure. Maintaining the security of those assets on a sprawling property can be challenging. It’s important to limit threats like fire and theft, as well as maintain controlled access to areas of high value.

The interior of a scrap yard is a beacon to thieves looking to score an easy payday from discarded raw materials. Auto parts and other forgotten machinery whet the appetite of intruders, tempting them to your premises. Managing this as well as protecting employees and customers from potential harm is critical. It requires a custom solution to meet the needs of your business so you can focus on what you do best.


How best to secure your salvage? Scrap yard security is unlike a retail establishment or office building. The outdoor spaces and expansive open areas add a degree of challenge not found in other security solutions. It's a tricky task, but you do have options. For those that have high-value scrap or perform any auto recycling, surveillance is a central component of many salvage yard security systems. Video coverage provides one of the most effective dual focused solutions around.

Viewing the entirety of your scrap yard allows you to focus on potential intrusion points. You can monitor these closely for signs of potential cialis en espana burglars trying to case your establishment. You can catch criminals in the act when they attempt to invade your property. You'll have a record of exactly what happened at your business and when it occurred.

Cameras don't just protect from outside threats, though. With the ability to closely watch the actions of your employees, you can ensure they are following the necessary rules to keep the yard safe. You can even track the movements of customers, making sure they don't wander anywhere dangerous or do anything suspicious during their visit.

If an emergency situation does occur, you will be aware of it as it happens. Should you choose to integrate an alarm system as well, you can alert staff, customers, and the authorities that something has gone awry. This will improve the chances of everyone staying safe and allow police or fire teams to resolve whatever has transpired quickly.


It might not be easy to secure a scrap yard, but it is possible. It's also a good investment. Keeping your property and employees safe is a long-term strategy that every business owner should have as a top priority.

Perfect Connections, a leading business security systems expert for more than 20 years, provides the salvage yard security systems for the recycling industry with comprehensive, custom solutions to maximize business growth while maintaining proper security, liability, and asset protection. Call us today at 800-369-3962 or fill out the form below to learn more about our salvage yard security solutions.

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