Most businesses and office buildings have a dumpster outside the building. While these are “accessible” to everyone, they are not for everyone to use. However, many people will throw their trash in dumpsters that they have such easy access to anyway, causing businesses to spend hundreds of additional dollars to get extra days of trash pickup. So how can you protect yourself from this expensive nuisance? Here are a few ways!

One way that you can prevent this from happening is to have your dumpster in an enclosed area. This will prevent people from dumping their trash in your dumpster because they will no longer have unrestricted access to it.

Another way to prevent this is to make sure that you keep your dumpster away from any high traffic areas. By keeping it out of plain sight, people often wont even know that it is there, and therefore wont use it to dump their trash. Something on the flip side of this that can help is to keep your dumpster in a well lit area. Doing this will often prevent people from illegally dumping in your dumpster because they know that they can then be seen.

Finally, a video surveillance system can be used to identify who is using your dumpster. Not only does the presence of a camera deter unwanted activities, but it can also help you to identify who is using your dumpster.

A combination of these options, or even just one of these, can be used to protect your dumpster from unwanted users, and save you hundreds of dollars in trash pickup.

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Image credit: Great Lakes Fence Co.

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