Commercial BuildingAs a property manager you have a lot of people that depend on the safety and security of the real estate you oversee. Whether or not you own the properties you rent, or work with a landlord in managing their properties, a bulk of the responsibility lies on your shoulders. Your main goal is to attract responsible patrons, keep them, and build your brand. How can you do that if the property you oversee is publicly perceived to be too risky or unsafe? That’s the problem, if there has been an incident at a property that you own the public tends to remember and will likely steer clear of that address.

This negative reaction can be limited by implementing preventative security measures that meet the needs of your tenants and the risks associated with the surrounding area. One of the best preventative measures you can take as a property manager is to incorporate a comprehensive security system in combination with defined property protocols. At Perfect Connections, Inc. our licensed integrators provide comprehensive security system solutions that suit your specific needs. We have been installing security systems in facilities and residences throughout northern and central New Jersey for almost 30 years. Our team recognizes the challenges property managers face dealing with multiple properties both commercial and residential. We specialize in comprehensive security systems that include fire and burglar alarms, access control solutions, video surveillance, and system monitoring.

Trying to determine what type of security system is necessary for a specific property can be difficult- that’s why it is important to involve a security professional from the start. This is especially true for new construction projects. Involving a security integrator from the start will ensure you are getting the coverage you need and create a seamless installation process.

One of the first and most important procedures to tackle is a risk assessment. A risk assessment should include a licensed security systems integrator and it should be performed as early on as possible. This will help determine where your greatest security threats are and how best to tackle them. The next step would be to design a custom security system that helps combat those threats.

While every security system application will be different dependent on the location there are some key components that will benefit most buildings. Video surveillance is a major security feature that is essential to any comprehensive system. The mere presence of a camera system is sometimes enough to deter potential criminals. It helps keep an eye on your property even when you can’t be there, it also gives your tenants a peace of mind knowing their public spaces are being looked after.

Access control is another important piece of the security system pie. It helps limit who and how people can gain entry and sometimes exit. Access control can be implemented in a number of ways. Often times a credential is issued to the approved users and they typically come in the form of a swipe card, a fob, or a proximity card. These credentials are used in conjunction with an electronic reader installed by the desired entry point. Using access control credentials instead of traditional keys helps prevent lost or stolen items from being duplicated. A similar type of idea can be used with parking lots and garages as well.

Fire and burglar alarms in combination with access control, video surveillance, and an alarm monitoring service make for a comprehensive security system. A security systems integrator helps ensure your fire alarm is installed and operates according to national and local codes. Having an alarm monitoring service will help alert you and the proper authorities at the first sign of a disturbance. With today’s technology there’s the potential to remotely monitor what is going on at your facilities through an app on your smartphone. Mobile apps typically have the capability to send you notifications if an alarm is triggered, or you can customize the type of notifications you want to receive. This could be particularly beneficial if you own multiple properties in different areas. A security system is meant to be a purveyor of safety and convenience. It helps protect your property investments and your patrons.

There is no “one-stop” security solution for any facility or residence. That is why it is imperative to involve a security systems integrator, they will assess the risks associated with your particular facility and design a system that suits your specific needs. As a property manager you have people that depend on you to maintain the facilities they utilize, and security should be a factor in that maintenance. Even if installing a security system isn’t your decision to make, it’s worth bringing up to whomever would make that choice. Having a comprehensive security system can be a good selling point to your clients and a way to keep them. Our team at Perfect Connections, Inc. has been providing comprehensive security system solutions to facilities throughout northern and central New Jersey since 1992. We understand the value a security system can add to a facility and the sense of safety it instills in those it is meant to protect.

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Image Credit: Image by Ines Hegedus-Garcia-Flickr-Creative Commons

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