Stop Sign-Michael GilViolence in the workplace is not a pleasant topic for discussion.  However, understanding the causes and how it can be avoided is essential for any business owner.  No company/operation is immune, but there are ways to help decrease the risks.  Workplace violence is not only damaging to its victims but the company as well.  In 2012 SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) found that 36% of organizations in the United States reported incidents of workplace violence.  Damages are sometimes physical but can be economical as well, costing businesses $36 billion annually.

How do you define workplace violence, what does it mean?  According to SHRM and ASIS International (American Society for Industrial Security) workplace violence can be defined as, “a spectrum of behaviors-including overt acts of violence, threats, and other conduct-that generates a reasonable concern for safety from violence, where a nexus exists between the behavior and the physical safety of employees and others (such as customers, clients, and business associates) on-site or off-site, when related to the organization.”  It’s a scary but very real issue for every organization.  Being prepared is the only way to combat the unpredictable.  There are tactical and physical measures that can be implemented in the workplace to avoid violence.  At Perfect Connections, Inc. we believe in helping you prevent catastrophe.  Having a comprehensive security system installed at your place of business can provide multiple layers of protection for you and your employees.  If you run a business in Northern or Central New Jersey do not hesitate to find out what Perfect Connections, Inc. can do to help protect what matters most.

You might be wondering how installing a security system can help deter or prevent something as unpredictable as violence in the workplace.  Allow me to break it down for you.  There are multiple facets to an effective security system, an alarm is just part of it.  The key components are the alarm, access control devices, and video surveillance.  Of course there is the fire alarm component, but it’s not the main area of focus when it comes to violence prevention.

By combining key features into one comprehensive solution you will not only secure your business, but help prevent loss and potentially life threatening situations.  You can limit who can enter certain areas of your facility by implementing some form of access control i.e. a card reader, key fob, or biometric scanner.  This will help stop intruders, a disgruntled ex-employee, or and employee’s spouse from getting onto the premises.  Video surveillance throughout a facility would be helpful in keeping an eye on who is coming and going on a regular basis.  Cameras can be set up to watch specific areas and/or provide overall coverage throughout the premises.  Utilizing a monitored surveillance system will ensure that someone is keeping watch over your business even when you can’t be there.  Tying these features into a monitored alarm system will help notify you, your employees, and the authorities of any disturbances.

A comprehensive security system along with a contingency plan that is communicated to the entire staff is about as prepared as anyone can be for the unexpected.  Some companies may choose added security features such as physical security guards, it really depends on personal preference, the business, and recommendations from security professionals.  Increased lighting in parking lots/garages, requiring ID cards for employees and visitors, metal detectors, and check-in desks or stations are added security measures that can help your company avoid disaster.  Keep in mind there is no one-stop solution for all businesses/facilities.  A hospital will have different security needs than a salvage yard/facility.  While no system is infallible, here at Perfect Connections, Inc. we provide top notch products and service to help prevent potential catastrophe.  If your business is located in Central or Northern New Jersey don’t hesitate to contact our team of professionals for an in person assessment.  We will provide a customized security system solution that fits the needs specific to your type and place of business.

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Image Credit: Image by Michael Gil-Flickr-Creative Commons

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