How To Buy A Burglar Alarm posts are intended primarily for first time alarm system buyers.

With the crime rate going up, more people are considering installing alarm systems in their home. Since most people have never had an alarm system before, the options available and ways of protecting a home are many and confusing. Here is how to start: Pick the alarm company first. Ask people that you know with alarm systsems if they are happy with the service. Be specific. There are really 2 services – the monitoirng service and the installation and repair service that the local alarm company provides. If something goes wrong they are the ones that have to show up and fix it. Let’s talk about the local alarm company first. Are they available 24 hours a day, with someone always answering the phone. If something is beeping at 3AM are they available. Is someone always on call that can help you either on the phone or come out and make a repair. Ask the salesperson. If not, keep looking. As for the salesperson, do they have any experience with the installation of one. If so, they won’t make promises that can’t possibly be kept. Find out how long the salesperson has been in the security industry, and what did they sell before. What kind of training have they had. Are they licensed? Do they know about equipment other than the one that they sell. Can they tell you why something should be done a particular way? You are trying to find out if they really know what they are talking about, and not just read some brochures and had a crash 3 hour course. Here is a really important one – will they give you their cell phone # so you can reach them after the installation if there are any problems. Next post we will talk about the alarm company itself.

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