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Business Security Systems Newark NJ | Commercial Surveillance

Are you thinking about ways to make your business safer? If so, you’re on the right track. Business security systems are by far one of the best things you can do to secure your property. How do you optimize them for your property, though? Security systems are diverse and evolving. Choosing one with the right features for your specific Newark NJ business and situation can be confusing, particularly if you aren’t a security expert yourself. This is where it helps to turn to the pros. Perfect Connections stays up to date on the best practices for security implementation. You should consider us a stand-out option when trying to narrow down exactly what you need.


Then you need to start thinking about your business in terms of potential threats. What are the possible factors that could create vulnerability and danger? Perhaps your property is in an area with increased overall crime? Do you have valuable goods that could be a target? Are there multiple entry points a burglar could make use of? Does the building layout make it easy for intruders to hide from your current surveillance? What about your employees? Is there a chance they could be tempted to steal from you or compromise trusted info? These questions might induce some uneasiness, but they are essential in securing your business. Once you know where your soft spots are, a skilled security provider can assist you in defending them.

For many businesses (especially retail) video surveillance is a key element. It allows you to monitor the goings on of your property by the minute. You can quickly identify shoplifters, loiterers, and troublemakers and report their bad actions to the authorities. After hours, video surveillance can keep a record of intruders and their activities. Coupled with a good burglar alarm, this will increase the likelihood that authorities can apprehend thieves who have targeted your business, and recover your merchandise. Video surveillance doubles as a method of keeping patrons and employees honest during operating hours. You can keep an eye on employee misdeeds, fraudulent transactions, and suspect activity around your storefront.

Even non-retail businesses benefit from video surveillance. You can track if employees are where they’re supposed to be. If they are engaging in erratic or suspicious behavior, you can catalog that and get to the bottom of it. Lest you get the impression that proper security is only monitoring employees, it should be noted that it can also serve to protect employee areas. Video surveillance can provide an accurate account of what happens in a work or break area if something goes wrong. Access systems limit who can enter these areas, keeping employees safe from intruders. Lastly, alarm systems can notify employees in the event of an intrusion, fire, or some other catastrophic event.


Of course, such advancements are most likely to be effective when you have your commercial security system implemented by skilled professionals. At Perfect Connections, we’ve distinguished ourselves as a trusted name with businesses, and individuals alike, in Newark, NJ and beyond. Give us a call today at 800-369-3962 to discover how a professional service can handle your business security.

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