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Business Security Systems New Brunswick NJ | Commercial Surveillance

If you run a business, in New Brunswick NJ it’s in your best interest to secure that business from potential threats. Burglary, for example, accounted for 23.4 percent of the total number of property crimes in the US during 2012. You have to be able to safeguard and monitor your property. Business security systems are a key component of this goal. Unfortunately for many business owners, selecting the right system is overwhelming. Finding information on maintaining and upgrading that system is also in short supply. Perfect Connections knows the security game like the back of our hands, and can answer some of the most frequently posed questions in regard to business security.


If you’ve never purchased a commercial security system before, you might not know what you should be asking a potential provider before pulling the trigger. For starters, you should know exactly what’s included with whatever package you decide to go with. Will it include video surveillance? Will it provide an access control system that effectively blocks off part of your facility to unauthorized individuals?

If there is an access system, what method will it use to restrict entry? Will you be able to keep a log of who accesses the area, and at what time? What if you have to terminate an employee? Will the system allow you to revoke their credentials without hassle?

What about training? A good vendor will not only install a system, they will show you how to use it to the best of its ability. If a vendor is worth their salt, they’ll have something in the way of mobile solutions and alarm monitoring as well. You’ll want to get a full overview of what a dealer is offering before you move ahead with any kind of installation.

You should be able to get an idea of what a business security system is like from what others are saying about it. Customer reviews are an abundant source of information. You’ll be able to learn if the supposed vendor is licensed, professional, prompt, and whether or not they perform a quality installation. You can also find out about two oft-overlooked long-term concerns: system maintenance and system upgrades. If you’re going with the right vendor, they will assist you in regularly auditing the system to ensure it is functioning properly. They will identify holes in system coverage, perform updates, and if the system becomes obsolete, they will advise you on upgrade methods.

Again, you can use a few strategic questions to determine if you’re getting the best offer. What will the additional fees entail? How will this upgrade improve security? Will there be extra training necessary? How does this fit with industry trends? No matter what, a reputable vendor like Perfect Connections will keep you apprised on all of the latest.


We’ve served businesses and individuals in New Brunswick NJ and surrounding areas for years, and continually provide the best security value to our clients. If you’ve got questions about commercial security systems, we’ve got answers. Call us on 800-369-3962 to find out how we can help you limit your security risks today.

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