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Business Security Systems Middlesex NJ | Commercial Surveillance

Are your business security systems geared towards your particular business? You might be surprised, but security is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. In order to truly optimize effectiveness, you have to gear a system to its setting and provide the appropriate support to see that it succeeds. Depending on your industry or business type, your needs might differ compared to another. Whereas the small retail business will require a few cameras and a lock or two, a larger office might need alarms, biometrics, and a host of other features to keep themselves secure. Perfect Connections understands this, and we have the ability to truly fine tune a system to suit you.


Let’s use a hospital environment as an example. This is an environment where the one-size-fits-all approach will fall flat every time. There are particular requirements that you must meet to satisfy security and then must balance that with patient safety and privacy. A professional knows the regulations, and can gear your security to comply accordingly. Surveillance equipment is great for monitoring the entryways, elevators, escape routes, equipment areas, and hallways. A skilled security vendor can install them appropriately and position them so that they are only filming the legally-viewable public areas. You must observe privacy and patient confidentiality. In general, bathrooms, emergency rooms, and similar areas will be off limits. You might also need to post signs to notify occupants that surveillance is taking place. When you consult with a knowledgeable security vendor, they can lay the dos and don’ts out on the table.

Sticking with the hospital setting, restricting access is another major detail. There are parts of the hospital that are strictly off-limits, with the exception of authorized personnel. Using security features to keep accessibility to these areas limited is a must. Security badges, card readers, video ID systems, and biometrics can come together to provide multi-layered restriction to a specific area. Once again, there are guidelines to follow in the hospital, but a security team that knows the business can navigate those with ease.

If you have a business with more than one site, your commercial security systems should still differ based upon those precise locations. One of your buildings might require more cameras to cover a larger open area where customers are abundant. Another site might have sensitive documents, necessitating a secure access door. You might even have a location with an area that needs alarm protection from burglars or fire.


No matter the security need, Perfect Connections can assist with providing the ideal solution. We’ve been providing tailored options for businesses and individuals in Middlesex, New Jersey, and the surrounding area since 1992. If you own a business, turning to us for your commercial security system is one of the least riskiest decisions you’ll ever make.

We can fine tune your surveillance, alarm systems, and more to fit your location. We pride ourselves on quality installation and quality support. In addition to setting your systems up, we can train your staff in how to use them the right way. Give us a call at 800-369-3962 to learn more about how we can help your business achieve its specific security goals.

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