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Business Security Systems Hillsborough NJ | Commercial Surveillance

How well would your business fare in a systematic evaluation of its security measures? A security audit, if you will. Would you find that your strategies for safeguarding your property are up to snuff? Or would the reality that they are sorely lacking finally catch up with you? If you’re like many businesses, you’ve taken security into mind, but aren’t exactly sure where you can improve. Business security systems are always evolving, after all, and it can be difficult to keep up with the rapid pace of change. Are you aware of the key points your system should cover? Do you know what your current system is capable of, and how that compares to current recommended standards? Don’t worry, Perfect Connections can help you take a nice, long look in the security system mirror.


Take a look at your current setup. What does it consist of? The possibilities are vast, but many security systems still only consist of a few motion detectors and limited surveillance equipment. In today’s climate, though, you’ll need more to protect your employees and your assets. Have you considered full-on video surveillance? Efficient surveillance allows you to stay connected to the detailed happenings of your establishment, regardless of whether or not you’re present. By making use of effective video monitoring, you can get a view of your inventory, points-of-sale, secure areas, confidential data, customers, employees, and much more. If something is amiss, you’ll know about it. And if something should happen, you’ll have a detailed account of what occurred.

Surveillance is but one piece of the puzzle, though. Restricting access to critical areas is equally important. How is this accomplished? If you’re still implementing an old-school model, you might just have regular locks on the doors. Modern commercial security systems, however, can make use of advanced technology to keep parts of your property off limits. Unique access methods ensure that only the people who you designate can enter a specific area. You can keep track of when they enter, when they leave, and how long they were there. Keyless systems offer a way to grant and restrict access with ease and let you as an owner know what is going on at all times.

Alarm systems are the third component that every business needs. If something happens, you need a way to alert your staff and the authorities simultaneously. A proper alarm will sound if there is an emergency, such as a fire, and give your employees a chance to get to safety. If its after-hours and someone is staging a break-in, the alarm can alert the police, who can then take appropriate action to apprehend the intruders.


It doesn’t have to be a complicated matter. You can get a great business security system by reaching out to Perfect Connections. Our dedicated service to the Hillsborough, NJ, area has given us a degree of standing in this area, and we’ve become a trusted name throughout the state. For more information, give us a call on 800-369-3962. Improved business security is well within your grasp.

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