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Business Security Systems Edison NJ | Commercial Surveillance

Security is one of the most advanced challenges facing small New Jersey businesses today. You need a way to protect your assets and keep your property secure. If your business happens to house any secrets, you’ll want to keep those under guard as well. Reliable, common-sense business security systems are an excellent defense. You might have even mulled over the prospect of having a system installed at one point in time. What caused you to relent? If you’re like some, the daunting prospect of crafting an appropriate security plan kept you from moving forward. Perfect Connections understands how integral the right security strategy can be for your continued success. We can help you design the right protection plan from the ground up for your Edison NJ business.


More often than not, there are three key components you’ll want to guard in your business. These consist of your employees, inventory, and property/data. You can secure all of these components by making use of adequate security measures. In the context of the commercial environment, this means a business security system that includes multiple levels of protection:

Video Surveillance – This allows you to monitor the premises in real-time. Multiple cameras with multiple angles let you view every important inch of your property. You can keep an eye on stockrooms and other locations that could be targeted by burglars. You can visually identify who is approaching your facilities and screen out who should and should not have access to certain areas (or your business in general). Recording capabilities will allow you to playback footage and double check for suspicious happenings. In the event of an incident, they will provide proof as to what exactly happened. Competent video surveillance will also allow you to keep tabs on employees (where appropriate). This will discourage instances of internal theft and ensure your workers stay on task.

Access Control – This will allow you to restrict access to important areas of your building. A suitable commercial security system will do more than allow you to keep storage areas and sensitive information under lock and key. It will also enable you to know who is entering and exiting these areas. It will tell you what time any access took place. With the use of unique business access control methods, you can ensure that former employees cannot return after they have left the business, and easily integrate new hires into your system.

Lights & Alarms – To deter intrusion from outsiders, lights and alarms are a tried and true strategy. Lights can be set to an automated schedule that will activate them at the time of your choosing. This will illuminate areas that you want to keep an eye on, warning potential intruders to stay away. Alarms that activate when they detect a break in can create noises to scare away thieves and automatically dispatch emergency personnel.


Such a capable security system is well within reach when you make use of a service like Perfect Connections. We are security experts with years of experience and a high degree of standing in the field. We service businesses in Edison NJ and a number of surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on helping clients create the perfect security plan.

Call us today at 800-369-3962 to learn more about how we can help you realize your business security goals.

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