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Business Security Systems Bridgewater NJ | Commercial Surveillance

Ask yourself a vital question about your current business security system. Are they geared towards preventing mishaps, responding to mishaps, or both? The thing is, many pursue a security system with only one goal in mind, blocking themselves off to other possibilities. What do we mean? A security system may attempt to deter intruders but be ineffective once they make their move, or it may rely solely on one feature to keep your valuables safe. To stay ahead of the game, you need a business security system that covers multiple bases. A system that provides varied layers of security is one that can better protect your Bridgewater NJ business.


Let’s use access control as an example. If you entrust an area to just a lock and key, do you think it would be well secured? In today’s world, the answer is “no.” Multiple levels of access are needed to create a true off-limits area with restricted access. You can combine passwords, security badges, and one of the newest trends, biometrics, to create a much greater degree of security.

Biometrics, if you weren’t already aware, grant entry based upon physical attributes, such as an individual’s fingerprints, which can’t be easily replicated. Naysayers knock the need for additional equipment the advantages of using such a commercial security system are unmistakable. They make false authentication much less likely. They are convenient for both employer and employee. They allow you to fine tune entry to specific parts of your building. Most importantly, they allow you to know precisely who accessed a particular part of the building and the time as well. Since biometrics are so difficult to spoof, you can be almost certain of who did what in terms of gaining access to secured facilities.

When coupled with other security measures, biometrics become even more valuable. For instance, if you have a fingerprint scanning lock that is coupled with a video surveillance system, you can get a precise timing on who entered a part of the building. You can sync the cameras to the use of the fingerprint scan so that you catch each individual entry on video and can access it easily. If you have the system coupled with an alarm, you can set it to alert you when an unauthorized access is attempted. These systems don’t take a great deal of time to train employees on, making them great for those that want to quickly implement a new layer of security to existing systems.

As you can see, having multiple layers to your business security system is key in making it as effective as possible. You’ll need a competent team like Perfect Connections to get the installation job done.


We serve the businesses and individuals in Bridgewater NJ faithfully, and can assist with rolling out new parts to your security system, and getting your employees up to speed. Before rollout, we can test systems to make sure that they are accurately calibrated and will function correctly for authorized users. In the case of biometrics and other scanning devices, we can train your employees in their use so that there is no confusion. To learn about how we can enhance your security, give us a call on 800-369-3962 today.

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