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September Newsletter

Welcome back to this month’s edition of The Connection Newsletter!

Summer is coming to an end and back to school season is in full swing. This month in our newsletter, we’ve got safety tips for homeowners specifically for the upcoming fall season. For our readers that may be apartment renters, we’ve got some great high-tech ways you can protect your home. And if you’re a business owner, even if you have a security system already, make sure you check out the Commercial Security section on panic buttons – they’re a great way to expand and improve the level of protection an alarm system can provide.

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Commercial Security

Benefits of Investing in a Panic Button for Your Business


Have you ever considered investing in a panic button for your business? These are commonly used at banks, high-end retail stores, and other locations, but the fact is, they offer benefits for all businesses – regardless of size or industry.

With a panic button, you allow your employees to have a discreet way to contact the authorities if they are under duress or if an emergency occurs. Some of the specific reasons to invest in a panic button for your business can be found here.

Increased chance of catching the “bad guys.” When you have a panic button in place, pushing it is extremely discreet. Usually, the thief or other nefarious individual doesn’t even know it’s being done. It makes no noise, but the authorities are dispatched, increasing the likelihood the “bad guys” will be caught.

The ability to call for help. Workplace violence doesn’t discriminate, and it can occur in any location – receptionist desks, security stations, check-out counters, and anywhere valuable property is stored. With a panic button, employees have an increased sense of security.

Take a proactive approach to protection. When you install a panic button, you can proactively protect your business from any loss of profits, property, and even productivity. With a panic button, it’s easier to contact the authorities when calling 911 isn’t possible.

An added layer of protection. With a panic button in place, you are increasing the effectiveness of your existing security system.

As you can see, installing a panic button offers an array of benefits. Speak with your security system provider today to find out if this is a viable option for your business.

Residential Security

Fall is Coming: Safety Tips to Keep in Mind


Fall is right around the corner. This means cooler weather, fires, holiday decorations and more. To ensure your fall is full of fun, make sure to follow the safety tips found here.

Smoke alarms. If you love the smell of a fire and want to light candles to make your home cozy, make sure your smoke alarms are working properly. It’s a good idea to replace the batteries and test the alarms at least one time a year.

Ladder safety. When cool weather arrives, many homeowners prioritize gutter cleanup. However, it can also be quite dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions. Make sure you keep your ladder on a flat surface, and that you have someone spotting you from the ground. It’s also a good idea to choose shoes with good traction in case the steps on the ladder are wet.

The pool. If you want to keep your pool in good condition during colder weather, go ahead and reduce the water level, winterize the pool’s plumbing, and cover it. Be sure it’s secured to keep debris from getting in it.

Tech Corner

Apartment Security: Gadgets that Go Beyond Your Average Alarm System

Regardless of if you are moving into your first apartment or your fifth, there’s one thing everyone can agree on – security is a top priority. Living in such close proximity to other people has its pros and cons. However, if you are concerned about your apartment’s security – you’re in luck. There are several innovative gadgets you can use to increase your security and your peace of mind.


A laser tripwire. Think of the TV shows and museums with all the red beams of light floating across the room – on a smaller scale. You can set up a laser tripwire to signal your alarm when it is tripped. You can even find options that capture a photo the instant the beam of light is crossed.

A memory switch. Many modern gadgets include AI and other modern technology that collects information about the users. The memory switch does this, too. It learns your specific routine of turning lights off and on and can mimic the routine even if you aren’t home. If someone is “watching” your apartment, the memory switch can make it seem like you are home and is much more effective at keeping intruders at bay than a typical light timer.

Fake TV light box. Similar to the above-mentioned memory switch, the fake TV light box helps to stop nefarious individuals before they even make an attempt to break into your apartment. When there’s a TV turned on, it means someone is home. However, to avoid having to leave your TV on and rack up a higher energy bill, then using this handy gadget will do the trick. You can even set the timer, so it doesn’t stay on too long, which is an obvious sign it’s a trick.

Siren padlock. If you want to make a thief go away and scare them, then a siren padlock is essential. It will sound an alarm any time it is moved, and there are some that can reach up to 100 decibels.

As you can see, there are several exciting and innovative gadgets you can use to help better secure your apartment and give yourself peace of mind you won’t be a target for nefarious activity.



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