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November Newsletter

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This month in our newsletter, we have tips on how to protect unoccupied buildings while people are working remotely. We also have special tips for Thanskgiving – for those staying home, and for those traveling. We would also like to say a special thank you this month to all of our customers and business partners that have supported us throughout the years – we are extremely grateful for each of you.





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Commercial Security

Security Tips to Keep an Unoccupied Building Safe

If you own unoccupied buildings, it is essential to provide adequate protection. Some real estate and business owners are only concerned with securing the buildings they are currently using, forgetting about the risk posed to unoccupied buildings.

Unfortunately, as buildings sit empty, they become a target for nefarious individuals. It is up to you to take steps to protect them and ensure theft, break-ins, and vandalism do not occur.

Now is the time to re-evaluate the security measures you have in place for these unoccupied locations. This will help ensure you are providing adequate protection and ensuring the investment you have made in the property is not being damaged.

It is also important to note, if someone trespasses on your property, even if a building is unoccupied, and is injured, you could be held liable for the damages and injuries. This provides even more motivation to take action and protect your property with the right security options.

Surveillance Solutions

Video surveillance is considered commonplace today. It may even feel somewhat weird to enter a building that does not have some type of access control or video surveillance in place.

However, even if your unoccupied building has proper surveillance cameras in place, it does not really help provide protection if you can only view the videos from terminals located inside. You need a system that provides remote access, which ensures you can monitor what is always going on in and around your building.

Modern systems will allow you to monitor your surveillance feeds, reposition the cameras, and modify access control routines. With these features, you do not have to worry about leaving the security of your unoccupied building to chance.

Don’t Leave Protection to Chance

If you are like some, you do not give much thought to the protection of an unoccupied building. Unfortunately, failure to take proactive steps to ensure protection can leave the space vulnerable. Do not suffer losses because you did not take the simple steps mentioned here.

Residential Security

Protecting Your Home from Thanksgiving Thieves


When Thanksgiving rolls around this year, the biggest problem should be if there is enough turkey and gravy to go around. If you want to protect your home and family this year, there are a few steps you need to take. Security should be considered carefully to ensure that regardless of if you stay home or visit relatives in another location, your home is protected from all those Thanksgiving thieves.

Security Tips if You Are Staying Home

If you are planning to stay home for Thanksgiving this year, you may think your home will be safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. For example, did you know that Thanksgiving is the number one day for home-cooking fires?

To protect yourself, your family, and your home, use these tips:

· Install or test your smoke alarms

· Remove all potential fire hazards

· Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen

· Use caution when using a turkey fryer

· Avoid gas issues

· Be prepared if a fire occurs

Security Tips if You Are Traveling

Millions of people around the country choose to travel and visit other people during Thanksgiving. If you have plans to do this, you want to ensure your home is fully protected while you are away. If you plan to travel this Thanksgiving, use these security tips:

· Install a quality home security system

· Do not post about your travel plans via social media

· Install and use timers on your lights

· Turn landline phone ringers down

· Stop your newspaper and mail delivery

· Lock your doors and windows

· Do not leave a key outside your home

Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year to enjoy what you have and in 2020, it is something everyone needs. However, you still have to take steps to protect yourself and your home. The tips here will help you do just that.

Tech Corner

Thermal Imaging Cameras Now Offering Elevated Body Temperature Detection and Alerts

It is clear by now that taking precautions to prevent COVID-19 will be necessary now and in the foreseeable future. This is true for businesses, schools, and even homes. However, carrying around traditional thermometers is less than convenient.

There is some good news. As experts continue to predict the “second wave” of COVID-19 as cooler weather moves in, you can harness innovative technology to provide you with accurate temperature screenings with minimal contact. This technology is thermal imaging cameras.


These cameras are designed to provide zero-conduct, accurate, and fast assessment of an individual’s temperature. Even better, these systems can actually integrate with existing security systems you have in place at your business, school, or home.

The Biggest Benefits of Thermal Imaging Cameras

The top benefits of investing in these thermal imaging cameras include:

· Zero-contact

· Maximize the flow of traffic

· Reduce cases of congestion for busy businesses or organizations

· Keep in place long-term for flu season and beyond

· Increase and protect student, employee, and client or customer health

How Does Thermal Imaging Work?

Thermal imaging cameras can detect, measure, and quantify several points on a person’s face close to the eyes, where infrared energy is constantly emitted. This area provides the most accurate reading of a person’s basal body temperature. To work effectively, those being screened must face the camera, pull their mask down for a few seconds, and the process is done. Individuals do not even have to stop walking, making this an effective and accurate way to manage COVID-19 and other illnesses while operating without delays or other issues.


What music superstar was offered a contract from a professional ice-hockey team in 2012?

A) Shawn Mendes

B) Justin Bieber

C) Ed Sheeran

D) Drake



Question: What band’s lead singer created their famous logo?

Question: Jimmy Page is best known as the lead guitarist in the classic rock band Led Zeppelin. Do you know which band he was never a regular member of?

A) The Firm

B) The Kinks

C) The Yardbirds

D) The Osmonds



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