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July Newsletter

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Commercial Security

Now is the Time to Invest in Intelligent Video Monitoring for Your Business


The top goal for most business owners is to build a profitable and successful business. Their next goal is likely loss prevention. The main reason for this is because your business can’t afford to lose money, time, or assets because of vandalism and theft. With intelligent video monitoring, you can get the peace of mind you need to protect your business.

The Evolution of Video Monitoring for Your Business

Just a decade ago, the options for video monitoring were limited to surveillance camera recordings. This is where you could view the footage after it was captured. Thanks to the Internet of Things, there have been invaluable advancements when it comes to protecting your business.

With Intelligent video monitoring, you can expand the security coverage on your property and deter crimes or even detect crimes as they happen (in real-time) and respond. Some of the ways that intelligent video monitoring can benefit your business can be found below.


When you place your cameras strategically, they can serve as a crime deterrent. That’s because both you (the business owner) and the monitoring service can view the areas at all times. This means the likelihood of being alerted when something is going on is higher.


It is important to ensure that the cameras are installed in the right locations to help deter criminal activity. However, you also must ensure they can capture someone “in the act.” If an event causes your intelligent video technology, the live video feed can be programmed to go right to you or the monitoring system you are paying. This allows you and the professionals to see what is going on in real-time. This also helps you handle the situation. It is also possible to receive the footage on your smartphone or other connected devices.


If a real threat is identified, then the call center agents can dispatch the authorities right away. They can also provide directions to where the event took place.

As you can see, intelligent video monitoring offers you peace of mind in many ways. Now is the time to invest in this technology to help protect your business.

Residential Security

Effective Ways to Protect Your Home Deliveries


Do you love to shop online? If so, you definitely aren’t the only one. However, when you shop online, it means you have deliveries coming to your home. This creates more opportunities for parcel thieves.

Nefarious individuals can grab packages from your doorstep in broad daylight and vanish without ever having to set foot in your home. If you want to combat this threat, you have to invest in high-tech surveillance solutions.

The Year-Round Risk of Package Thieves

If you are like some people, you may mistakenly believe that the only time you are at risk for stolen packages is during the holidays. However, the truth is that if you order items online, there is a constant risk of package theft.

One of the best things you can do to prevent incidents like this is to invest in home surveillance cameras. Just the presence of these cameras will deter most package thieves.

Tips for Protecting Your Deliveries

There are a few steps you can take to protect your home from package thieves. These include:

· Ask the delivery company to hide the package in a specific location.

· Ask your neighbors to watch for suspicious activity.

· Purchase an anti-theft package box or parcel locker.

· Track your package so you know when it will be delivered.

· For Amazon, send the package to your car using Amazon Key.

While all these tips are viable ways to reduce the risk of package thieves, you can also take things a step further by installing a motion-activated surveillance camera on your front door or a smart doorbell. With these systems, you can help ensure the culprit is found and caught if they happen to steal your items.

Tech Corner

Technology to Improve Work from Home Productivity

A year ago, the country was amid a pandemic. Everyone was told to shelter in place, practice social distancing, and for many, this meant no longer leaving their home for work. While things are mostly back to normal in some areas, many people have chosen to remain at home.

Unfortunately, working from home presents some challenges. Endless chores, pets, children, and more, along with the lack of dedicated space to work, can make it virtually impossible to get things done and create more stress. While this may be true, there is plenty of technology you can use to help you focus on what you have to do and make sure you get things done.


Smart Clocks

The way you start your day impacts how the rest of your day will go. Most people pick up their phones to check them throughout the day. If you are a remote worker, you likely check your phone more than 58 times a day.

While your phone is an important part of your life, it is not the best way to wake up. The phone produces blue light and puts you immediately in contact with the online world, which will increase stress and jolt you awake instead of easing into it.

A smart clock can wake you up with your favorite songs, nature sounds, or soft light. You can find several on the market, and all are a good improvement to your smartphone.

Smart Thermostats

Nothing is going to ruin your workday faster than if your room is too cold or hot. Keeping your room at a comfortable temperature will help you stay focused. You can install a smart thermostat, which you can control from your phone. It will also learn your patterns as time passes and make automatic adjustments to ensure your home is comfortable throughout the day.

Smart Security

Having an automated home security system that will communicate with various mobile devices is a great way to give yourself a calm and stress-free working environment. You can link the security system using your garage door and doorbell to get total security for you and your family. One of the biggest benefits of a smart security system goes beyond the workday and helps keep you and your family always protected.

As you can see, there are more than a few technology features you can add to your home to make it a more productive place to live and to support your remote work lifestyle.


In 2007, what rock band appeared on “The Simpson’s Movie?”

A) Green Day

B) Blink 182

C) Fall Out Boy

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Who was responsible for writing the first, original version of “Hurt?”

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