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January Newsletter

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This month in our newsletter, we talk about how to protect your home while you’re away fo the winter. And for the business owners, we have great tips on how to protect your business if you have employees working after-hours.

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Commercial Security

Your Business and After-Hours Security: What You Need to Know


If you run a business, you have the job of making sure your staff always remains safe. However, if you are open at night, or if you have workers in the office late at night, this is often easier said than done. While this is true, there are a few steps you can take to ensure the safety and security of your workers – all times of day and night. Keep reading for some helpful tips to improve your after-hours security.

Create a Clear Plan for Late Night Workers

One thing you can do to make sure your staff is safe after hours is to ensure you have a clear plan for the last people who leave the building. It is a good idea to create a system where the last few people at the office or business each day let one another know when they are leaving. It can also be beneficial to ensure all the doors are locked, besides the one the last people in the office will be using. This helps ensure that everyone knows when they are alone, and where people will be going in and out.

Install a Security Camera System

Another tip you can use to ensure your employees’ safety after hours is to install a quality security camera system at each entrance of the office. This offers two layers of security – it helps to deter any unwanted visitors and records everyone who enters or exits the building.

Implement a Key Card System

With a key card system, your workers can use their personalized card to get into and out of the building. Not only does this keep unauthorized individuals out, but it also provides a record of everyone who is coming and going. Combining this with the surveillance system offers a highly effective way to keep workers safe.

If you oversee employee safety, it is important to keep the tips here in mind. These tips will ensure that after hours workers are safe while in the building and going to their vehicles.

Residential Security

Tips to Protect Your Home While Away This Winter


Do you have plans for a winter vacation? With the holidays long-gone, you may think you are “out of the woods” when it comes to burglars and thieves. Unfortunately, this simply is not the case. Nefarious individuals can strike at any time, and during any season. It is essential that you take action and invest in certain security elements to ensure your home is protected if you plan to be away this winter. Some tips to help you with this can be found here.

Install an Alarm

A good first step in home protection is to install a burglar alarm. Make sure to choose a monitored system, which will alert the authorities if someone tries to break in. This will help to protect your home from burglars, along with squatters who may try to take advantage of your prolonged absence.

Invest in Quality Smoke Detectors

What happens if a fire occurs while you are away? While having smoke alarms to provide on-site warnings is fine while you are home, what good are these alarms if no one is there to hear them? In this situation, you need connected smoke alarms. Usually, you can have these installed with your connected security alarm. If smoke, heat, or flames are detected while you are away, the proper authorities will be contacted.

Install Home Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a must-have in today’s world. You can install motion detection cameras, doorbell cameras, and more. The modern options provide you with remote viewing. This means you can check in at home, no matter where you are.

If you are planning a winter vacation, be sure to keep the tips here in mind. This is going to ensure your home remains safe and secure while you are away.

Tech Corner

How Are You Storing Your Security Camera Footage?

Surveillance has an important role in any security system. It helps the authorities catch burglars and other criminals and helps provide you with insight into your business operations. This is done by collecting and analyzing data each day.

How and where is all this analytical and visual data being “collected?” This is an important question for the system integrator, along with end users. Storing the collected surveillance data is essential for the effectiveness of your security system – in fact, it is just as important as the surveillance equipment in place.


Now is the time to consider how your surveillance footage is being stored and if the methods you use are effective and efficient.

Storage Options for Your Surveillance Footage

There are a few factors that will impact the type of surveillance storage solutions you can and should use. This includes your current infrastructure, your budget, and the size of your facility or location. Other factors include camera quantity, camera type, frame rates, compression standards, desired length of storage, motion detection, and the estimate of the desired resolution.

In the past, surveillance footage was stored with a DVR. Unfortunately, there are limitations with this method and the results are less than ideal. Today, though, there are other storage options, which include:

· DAS – direct attached storage

· SAN – storage area network

· NAS – network attached storage

All these are possible options for storing your surveillance data and they each have unique installation requirements. Making a decision about what is right for your business depends on all the factors mentioned above.

Work with the Professionals to Find the Right Security Storage Option

If you want to ensure you are using the best and most efficient security storage option, you should work with security professionals in your local area. They can evaluate the technology you have in place now and make recommendations if there are better options to consider for storing your security camera footage.


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A) Elton John

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