We have all heard of Carbon Monoxide, the odorless killer. On average, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, 170 people a year die of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning that was not produced by automobiles. Just this past weekend there were 2 deaths on Long Island due to a malfunctioning heater in a restaurant.

170 deaths out of a population of 300 million doesn’t seem like a lot, but they are deaths that can for the most part be prevented. Carbon Monoxide is particularly dangerous in a home because it  puts you into a deeper sleep.

CO detectors are designed to alert you before a life threatening level of CO is reached. Current detectors and very stable and very rarely false alarm. If a CO detector goes off, do not ignore it but go outside immediately and call the authorities.

The state of NJ requires that all new homes, and homes that are resold, have a CO detector in the hallway of every sleeping area.

The advantage of a CO detector connected to a monitored alarm system is that in the event of activation, the authorities are notified and can gain entry and rescue you.

If you do not have a working Carbon Monoxide Detector, get one tonight.

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