Do Alarm Systems Work And How Well?

January 25, 2014By patrickHome Security Systems No Comments

First a couple of statistics.  In 2007 according to the FBI, 17.5 million property crimes took place in the United States.  That breaks down to one burglary every 14 seconds.  Though the majority of burglaries take place during the day, 60% to 65% of burglaries take place between 6am and 6pm, close to 40% happen … Read More

What’s The Deal With False Alarms

January 22, 2014By patrickHome Security Systems No Comments

Through the years, people have mentioned to me that they are reluctant to get an alarm system because they are afraid of false alarms. With today’s modern alarm systems, for the most part those fears are a thing of the past. There are two main categories of false alarms: equipment failure and user error.  Progress … Read More

Battery Back Up

January 18, 2014By patrickHome Security Systems No Comments

When you have an alarm system installed, you should make sure that it has 24 hour battery backup. Simply put, if the power goes out for any reason, your system will continue to operate without interruption for 24 hours. The control panel needs a battery.  The biggest determining factor on the size of battery required … Read More