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Issue: # 2017-9 September 2017

September Newsletter

And just like that, it feels like summer is over. Back to school time is a great time of year to make sure everyone at your home knows the proper way to operate your security system.

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Commercial Security

10 Tips To Help Prevent Shoplifting This Fall


During the 2016 calendar years, the average retail business inventory shrink rate increased from 1.38 percent in 2015 to 1.44 percent, according to information from the National Retain Security Survey of 2017. A total of 37 percent of all retail inventory loss was the result of shoplifting by outside customers, which was followed by employee theft at 30 percent, administrative errors representing 21 percent and vendor fraud, five percent. The total worth of all this lost inventory was $48.9 billion.

While you may be using anti-theft tags and video surveillance to deter theft, this may not be enough. Here you can find 10 more tips to help you combat theft and reduce losses.

  1. Make sure all customers are addressed as they arrive. This removes anonymity and shoplifters will avoid stores with salespeople who are attentive.
  2. Watch out for any customers who actively avoid making eye contact, wander through the store, appear nervous or exhibit other types of suspicious actions.
  3. Encourage your employees to walk around and engage with shoppers.
  4. Ensure the store remains organized and clean.
  5. Keep items that are commonly stolen in plain view of the cash register or employees to deter shoplifters.
  6. Compare notes with shop owners nearby to find out who or what is being targeted.
  7. Hire enough employees to watch the store at all times.
  8. Create a shoplifting policy and then make sure it is enforced. Ensure you post copies of your policy in the store.
  9. Install various anti-theft devices, such as security cameras and towers.
  10. Restrict the use of fitting rooms without help from an employee.

If you take the time to put the above steps in place, you will find that you can reduce cases of shoplifting in your store, regardless of size, significantly.

Residential Security

Tips for After School Safety For Your Kids

Now that most schools are back in, or will be back in soon, it is time to start planning for your kids after school. If you work, it may not be possible to be home when they get off the bus. The good news is, you can provide you and your kid’s peace of mind by using the tips here. When you make sure your home is as safe as possible, it will reduce how much you worry about your children when they are home alone.


Check the smoke detectors. Having a fire alarm system that is working properly is extremely important. This is the best way to make sure they will be warned if any heat or smoke is detected.

Create a contact list with important people and their phone numbers. You should leave a list of people your children can call if they are unable to reach you, or need help with something while you are not home.

Make sure your kids know where the flashlights are located. Be sure you also replace the batteries so they work.

Remind your kids to always lock the doors. In addition to locking the doors, you also need to make sure that the kids know how to turn on the security system and that they leave it on until you get home. Also, make sure they don’t open the door for anyone when you aren’t there.

Add video surveillance to your existing security system. Modern video surveillance allows you to see what is going on while you are still at work.

As you can see, there are several steps you can take to help ensure your child is safe when they are home alone after school. When you use the tips and advice here, you will be able to have confidence that your child is protected and safe until you can arrive home.

Tech Corner

RFID Technology: Are Human Microchips the Future of the Security Industry


Recently, the news covered the story of factories that began requiring employees to be “microchipped.” For most people, when they think of this, they think of their pets, or even the microchip in their credit cards. However, many businesses see this as the “wave of the future” when it comes to the security of their business.

If you are on the fence regarding whether or not this is technology you wish to embrace for your business, learn about some of the potential benefits it offers, and how it can be used, here.

Cashless payments. A completely cashless society is not just a dream anymore. While most people use debit or credit cards for payments, microchips would be able to store payment data for a person, and even provide confirmation of your identity when making a purchase. As a result, this technology has the potential to surpass ticket scanning by smartphones. This type of payment would be safer for consumers, as well as businesses.

Identification. While you still rely on your physical passport, driver’s license and other forms of identification today, this may change in the near future. In fact, microchips have the potential to surpass and replace these items. Rather than presenting something with your picture, your subdermal microchip is scanned, providing information about who you are. This was one of the main draws for the businesses that have already implemented this technology. It allows employees to be identified easily and quickly, with a reduced potential of mistakes.

Building security and access. There are certain types of high-security facilities, such as high-end retailers, power plants and government buildings that currently use retinal or fingerprint scanners. However, with microchips being more available and acceptable today, many are turning to this type of superior technology.

As you can see, microchips are poised to revolutionize the business industry; however, there are some potential repercussions. Before utilizing this type of technology make sure you fully understand the pros and cons it presents.


Question: Which group sang “Under the Boardwalk?”

A) The Cadillacs

B) The Drifters

C) The Clovers

D) The Coasters



Question: In the song "I’m A Believer" sung by The Monkees, what was their philosophy on love?

A) It happens only once in your life

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