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The holiday season is here, and one of the biggest concerns this year is package thieves. You can’t be home 24/7, so who’s watching the packages that may get dropped off on your porch or elsewhere outside your home?

According to research, one in four homeowners in the US has had a package stolen, and the average value of a stolen package is $140. Here are a few tips to help avoid having your holiday deliveries stolen.

1) Send packages to a different location – Major retailers provide secure methods of deliver. Amazon, for example, has Amazon Lockers where you can send all Amazon orders for pickup. Or have packages sent to a location like your office where someone will be able to personally accept delivery.

2) Require signature delivery – If your package that demands delivery by your signature was left unattended, or even worse, lost, because they didn’t follow the protocol, delivery companies are liable to legal actions and you are entitled to a full refund or replacement.

3) Add delivery instructions – Packages left out in the open on a front porch are prime targets. When you’re ordering your items, add special delivery instructions to leave the package in a harder to spot location, like by a side or garage door.

4) Add a doorbell camera – Doorbell cameras are great deterrents – they can be motion activated and many offer the ability to speak through them. This allows you to either give the delivery person instructions, or warn off any potential package thieves.

If you live in Central or Northern New Jersey and have questions on ways to protect your home this holiday season, or are interested in getting a doorbell camera installed, please call 800-369-3962 or simply CLICK HERE.

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