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October Newsletter

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Commercial Security

Are You Using State-of-the-Art Commercial Security?


According to crime data, the chances of you being a victim of a property crime grows toward the end of the year. That’s a good reason to make sure your surveillance and security system is up to date, with the latest and most innovative products available. This is especially true for larger commercial properties, such as multi-building commercial complexes, universities, apartment complexes, and shopping malls, The need for reliable security is more important than ever today.

To know if it is time for a security system upgrade, consider the following questions.

How Old is the Alarm System You are Using?

If the security system you have installed now (with the assumption that you have one) is over a few years old, then you probably aren’t using the latest technology. The highest quality systems embrace mobile management and provide environmental threat detection for issues such as heat, water, carbon monoxide, and will take into consideration threats to the infrastructure at your facility from terrorist-like attackers.

Do You Have an Active Visitor Access Policy?

You need to make sure the security of your space includes protecting your property and the people using it. You can do that if you don’t have a strict access control policy. Do you use a central sign-in and sign-out sheet? Do your workers know and enforce your policies? Do you use ID badges? Do you have an electronic access system in place? If not, now may be the best time to invest in an upgrade.

What Type of Keys Do You Use?

Are your employees still using the old-school, metal keys for locking and unlocking doors or restricting access? If so, that’s not good. A modern security system is going to use things like electronic ID cars and fobs that offer higher levels of restriction and access, while keeping a log of who comes and goes. Metal keys can’t do this.

As you can see, there are several signs that your commercial security system needs to be upgraded. If it is time to make this investment, don’t delay, as each day you wait is putting your business at risk.

Residential Security

Secure Your Home for the “Spooking” Season


Each year, millions of people across the country look forward to Halloween – and who can blame them? This specific time of year offers a little bit of everything – amazing decorations, fun and exciting costumes, and the best of all – candy.

However, more than 50 percent of the trick-or-treating traditions involve (you guessed it) tricks. As you prepare to welcome all the ghosts, ghouls, and goblins to your front door, make sure you take a few minutes to double-check your property and security, too.

Add Some Mood Lighting

While smoke machines and spooky lights can set the mood for trick-or-treating time, they also create the perfect environment for tricksters with vandalism on their mind. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of Halloween flair, just make sure your walkways are illuminated.

If you have spotlights installed, they should remain in place and operational, especially the ones that are motion-activated. If you don’t have any installed right now, think about adding some before the holiday rolls around. Be sure to pay close attention dark corners and the area around your garage, as these are appealing to pranksters.

Get Plenty of Candy

Without candy, Halloween is no fun. If you plan to participate in the trick-or-treating activities in your neighborhood, make sure you let others know. This means having a light on and even putting a sign in the front yard.

Also, make sure there’s a clear path and that your walkways and paths are clear and secure. It’s not always smart just to leave a bowl out, as this is a free-for-all that can lead to tricksters playing a prank or two once the bowl is empty.

Set Your Security System

If you plan to go out for Halloween, or even want to stay in but not participate in the festivities, don’t forget to set your security system. Be sure your security cameras, smart locks, and video doorbells are on and working. This is going to help you protect your home and ensure you have a Happy Halloween.

Tech Corner

AI Security Cameras: The Future is Now

In New Zealand, police recently tested a new security system that features artificial intelligence (AI) security cameras. These cameras were mounted inside and outside of a building and during the testing, were able to recognize lethal threats in just seconds. This set-in motion the rapid response protocol, letting authorities and those in the building know of the danger. The cameras had the capability of showing the specific firearms present along with alerting people to the dangers.


Mass shootings across the country and world are prompting some schools and businesses to install these AI powered systems. The goal is that the emerging technology will help to save lives in a mass shooting situation.

While there is still only so much that cameras and computers are able to do, technology can help prevent the mass casualties that have occurred in the past. In fact, the technology is so promising, there are investors pouring money into this technology.

While this technology is still new, many believe it’s going to eventually become a stable in schools, businesses, and even homes in the near future.



In 1970, The Who told us there was no cure for what kind of blues?

A. Wintertime

B. Nighttime

C. Summertime

D. Lonelytime




Which of the following guitar slingers played his axe for Procol Harum?

A. Ronny Montrose

B. Mick Ralphs

C. Todd Rundgren

D. Robin Trower



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