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Issue: # 2017-5 May 2017

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May 2017 Newsletter

With warmer weather unfortunately comes an increase in burglaries. As school begins to wrap up for the year and more time is spent outdoors, now is a great time to make sure your security system is in proper working condition. We also have some great ideas on how to protect your home when you’re on vacation on our blog!

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Commercial Security

Tips For Preventing Copper Theft At Your Business


The theft of copper is a serious problem that many commercial properties face. The primary targets of this crime are the heating and cooling units. However, there are other less-known objectives, as well, including copper plumbing pipes and utility boxes. This issue is a serious problem at many construction sites.

Camouflage the copper. Some experts make the suggestion to paint all your copper black to help make it look like regular plastic pipe. You may even want to paint it a neon color, which could help the police track where it goes and find the thief.

Put up a strong, lockable
Make sure you further protect units that have copper present with a large fence. While this isn’t foolproof, it is better than no security at all. You may even consider doubling the fence with a barrier of barbed wire.

Install an alarm system. A business alarm system can be installed, and an alarm will be triggered
when someone tries to break-in. You can then have a code sent pinpointing the sensor that was activated. You can also install audio detectors to report any strange sounds.

Install video surveillance or monitored security cameras. Virtually all instances of copper theft take place at night, or when the business is closed. A
security camera can provide you with a visual of the crime and even be accessed remotely. This minimizes the potential of a thief getting away with it.

Unfortunately, copper theft is a serious problem for businesses all over the country, of all types and all sizes. If you want to protect your business from this crime, then use the tips here.

Residential Security

Tips To Help You Avoid Being Locked Out Of Your Home

Unfortunately, at some point or another, everyone has this experience. They are ready to go inside their house, after a long hard day, only to discover they are locked out. There’s no need to be ashamed – this is an all-too-common experience. The good news is, there are a few tips that can be used to help prevent a home lockout, which are found here.


Double and Triple Check before Closing Your Door. The easiest way you can prevent being locked out is to double check that you have your keys. While this may be easier said than done – after all, you likely have a million things going on a once; however, it is important. To make a habit of always checking, you should keep the keys in one location in the home, ideally somewhere close to the door. This type of visual reminder should
help you prevent being locked out in the future.

Keep Duplicate Keys On-Hand. You should not underestimate the value of having spare keys around. That is right – not one spare key, but several. While it isn’t a good idea to have keys everywhere, but it is smart to have a few nearby. The fact is, having a spare key somewhere
(besides inside the locked house) can be a real lifesaver.

Use a Key Finder. If your memory seems to slip from time to time, then it may be beneficial to have one of the tech-advanced key finders. There are several to choose from and can be activated by your voice, clapping or even an app on your phone.

Consider Going Keyless. If you find yourself being locked out more and more, then it may be a good idea to consider keyless locks. These will allow you to input a code or even use a fingerprint to access your home. With this technology in place, you no longer have to worry about getting locked out.

As you can see, there are several steps you can take to help prevent lockouts in the future. Smart locks that work without keys are becoming a more and more popular option and can be installed with a high-quality security system.

Tech Corner

Keyless Entry: Is it the Next Big Thing in Home and Commercial Property Security?


The type of
locks you use for your business or home are going to influence the level of security and convenience you can expect to have when using them. In many cases, traditional locks put you at a rather large disadvantage. Not only do you have to keep up with them, but they can also be picked up by criminals.

Stolen or lost keys present a serious security risk, and you may not even know they are missing for a few days or longer. As a result, keyless entry is becoming more and more popular with both home and business owners. Some of the benefits keyless entries offer are highlighted here.

Keyless entry is faster. One of the most appealing benefits offered by keyless entry is how convenient it is. You don’t have to worry about fumbling around with keys when trying to unlock the door at night and you no longer have to worry about calling a locksmith if you are locked out. All you have to do is entire a code, and you’re in.

Schedule lock and unlock times. The newest keyless locking features offer business owners
the ability to schedule when a door will lock or unlock. This provides them with strict control over who has access to certain areas. Homeowners can also use this feature to ensure their doors are locked at certain times of the day or night.

Many homeowners are choosing more and more features of a “smart home,” with a keyless entry lock being one of them. If you want to enhance your home or business security, then having one of these installed may be beneficial.

Enhanced security. There are mechanical keypad locks that offer a much higher level of security because they are bump and pick proof. A traditional lock is subjected to bot bumping and picking. This can result in no signs of forced entry, which may make it difficult to collect from the insurance company if a theft occurs.


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