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Issue: # 2018-03 March 2018

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March Newsletter

This weekend is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time – don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour on Sunday!

With the weather we’ve had this week, who would think that Spring is right around the corner? Not us! But in just a few weeks warmer weather will be here.

The American Red Cross recommends Daylight Savings Time as the best time to check your smoke detectors – most detectors have a test button that makes it super easy to ensure that your home is protected. And don’t forget to test your carbon monoxide detectors too!

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Commercial Security

Security Camera Technology: Standard vs. HD vs. Megapixel


Do you want to provide your business or commercial property with the highest level of security and protection possible? If so, you likely already know the benefits of having a high-quality security camera system installed.

Thanks to advances in security camera technology, today’s systems are more reliable and effective than ever before. However, there are still differences you need to understand to choose the right cameras for your building and security.

Resolution Differences

Security cameras are classified based on the resolution they provide for capturing and recording images. The resolution of any camera is determined by the number of pixels being used to create an image.

  • A camera with a lower pixel count will create blockier images that are harder to recognize, providing less detail in the data recorded.
  • Cameras with higher pixel counts can capture much more detailed images and provide improved facial recognition and high levels of resolution.

When you understand the various levels of resolution available with security camera systems, you can make the right choice for your business needs.

Standard, HD and Megapixel Security Cameras

There are three basic resolution categories for modern security cameras, which include:

  • SD or standard definition cameras can capture images at 400,000 pixels or under.
  • HD or high-definition cameras can capture images that consist of 921,600 pixels or more, and this level of resolution is also displayed as 720p since it is made up of 1280 columns and 720 lines of pixels.
  • Megapixel cameras are considered subsets of the HD cameras and can capture images that feature 1,000,000 pixels or higher. The images seen with these cameras consist of 1920 columns and 1280 lines, which is why they are referred to as 1280p images.

Selecting a security camera system featuring the highest number of pixels available provides significant benefits for your organization or business. Be sure to consider this carefully when you are selecting security cameras for your business or commercial building.

Residential Security

Home Security Tips for Renters

There are thousands of people, all around the country who are currently living in a rental property. Unfortunately, according to information from the U.S. Department of Justice, rental properties are at a much higher risk of a home invasion than purchased homes.


Get to Know Your Surroundings

Take some time to get to know the area where you live. Look up the crime rate, which is pretty easy to do thanks to online research. In fact, countless websites will let you know the most common crimes in the area. When you know what they are, you can take preventative steps.

For example, if vehicle break-ins are common in the neighborhood, park in a well-lit area. If your landlord allows it, consider installing smart lights, or a smart garage.

Talk to Your Landlord and Neighbors

It is also a good idea to get to know the people who have lived in the area for a while. They will be able to tell you how safe the area is and provide insight on how best to protect yourself.

Your landlord will be able to provide you with the same information and point out what features may already exist in the home that you can use for even more security. While most landlords are required (by law) to provide working deadbolts and window locks, there are some that go a step further and offer smart locks and outdoor security cameras, as well.

Take Care of the Property

If your property appears to be a vacation home or rental home, (i.e., it looks empty), then it is going to become a target for burglars. When you are moving in, you should make sure that your home appears to be well-cared for by landscaping, using light timers and fixing any vulnerable area on the property, such as a cracked wall or loose fence.

Secure the Entry Points

Make sure to fully inspect all the windows and doors to make sure they are secure. Most older homes will have entry points that are easy to wiggle loose, even if they are locked. Think about asking your landlord about changing the locks to make sure they are high quality and secure. If you purchase new locks, you can have confidence you are the only one who has a key.

Keep in mind, you can also install various smart home features, such as a smart doorbell camera, smart lock and other features that will increase home security. These can also be uninstalled and taken with you when you move.

Tech Corner

Biometrics Access Control: High-Tech Options to Secure Your Home or Business


To make sure your building or facility is protected against unwanted individuals is essential to protect your employees, as well as your property. With the right security solutions in place, you can provide peace of mind for you, your staff and ensure your valuable data remains in place.

A new type of security and protection being used by more and more businesses today is biometrics. This can become an integral part of your access control system. Some of the most popular and common ways biometrics can be used in your building are found here.

Fingerprint Scanning

One of the earliest methods of using biometrics was in criminal investigations. This is when fingerprints would be used to find the “bad guy.” Today, fingerprint and thumbprint recognition technologies are a key element of business security systems.

Vascular Biometrics

If absolute security is crucial, then vascular biometrics can offer an additional layer of protection, beyond fingerprint scanning. This system uses infrared light to scan the patterns of veins in a person’s fingers.

Facial Recognition

This technology has advanced significantly since first being released in 1964. Today, this biometric technology can work with security camera systems to provide a clear record of what goes on in and around a building. Even small differences in a person’s appearance can be seen by a facial recognition scanner.

Iris Scanning

Iris recognition is a technology that utilizes the unique patterns present in eyes to provide identification for employees.

Using biometrics security features in your building can be a great way to not only keep property secure, but also track what is going on, who is accessing sensitive data, and more.



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A) 99th

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Who was the original songwriter of the 1971 hit from Olivia Newton John, “If Not For You?”

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