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Issue: # 2017-7 July 2017

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July 2017 Newsletter

Summer is finally here! We hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July.

In exciting news here at Perfect Connections, we are excited to announce that you are now able to utilize our new online platform via our website to make paying your bills or requesting service much easier! You will be receiving an e-mail with login information for your account. With this account, you’ll also have access to user manuals, help guides, and more.

The website for accessing your information and paying bills is

The customer portal is also accessible via our website under “Customer Portal”.

Please note – if you currently have any unpaid invoices for service or monitoring dated prior to July 1, 2017 that you would like to pay online, use our legacy Pay My Bill tab on
our website. You can also call the office at 908-722-2880 to make a payment, or mail a check to

Perfect Connections Inc

PO Box 893

Somerville, NJ 08876

Moving forward, all service and monitoring invoices
from July 1st onwards will be payable via the website.

If you would like to go green and sign up for electronic delivery of all invoices, please click here.

If you have any questions about this, your service, or anything else, feel free to call us at 908-722-2880. If you do not receive an email with your login information in the next few days, you can also call us at that number to gain access.

Thank you for all of the trust you place in us. It is our number one goal to protect all of our customers and their valuables. We also want every experience you have with us to be positive. Feel free to contact us at anytime with questions, concerns, etc. – we would love to hear from you!

Our Blog

Don’t forget to regularly check out our blog that can be found on our website.

We tackle various security topics that you may be thinking about. If you have any ideas for future blog posts, please contact us.

Commercial Security

Infrared Security Cameras: Are they Right for Your Business?


The majority of businesses in need of access control systems understand that cameras are a crucial element of the overall security plan. However, not everyone is aware of what infrared cameras are or the benefits they offer. It is a good idea to learn more about them before determining the types of cameras that are right for a business security system.

How does the infrared imaging work? Infrared cameras rely on thermal imaging technology. This means the camera is able to detect heat that radiates
from an object. A person’s normal body temperature is just under 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it easy for the cameras to detect any type of human activity. Remember, the image displayed by the camera shows heat, which means it won’t look like the typical picture you would expect from a camera.

Will infrared cameras work when the sun is out? Infrared cameras aren’t the same thing as day/night cameras. A day/night camera requires plenty of light for something to be visible, but this is not the case with infrared
cameras. They can display images in clear detail even if there isn’t much light present.

How far will infrared cameras reach or detect motion or heat? The reach of your infrared camera depends on the number of lights it has. An infrared camera’s power is measured by lux. If you want the camera to display a completely clear image
when it is totally dark out, a rating of 0.0 lux is necessary. It also needs plenty of infrared lights near and around the camera’s lens.

If you want to install a camera that will enhance the security of your business, that doesn’t require light and provides superior protection, then consider installing an infrared camera.

Residential Security

Cleaning Tips for Your Door Handles, Knobs and Hinges

There’s a good chance you use your door daily without giving much thought to the cleanliness of the knobs, handles or hinges. However, over time, this hardware can build up grime, dirt and invisible bacteria every time it is used.

Even in a small home, there are approximately two dozen knobs, not to mention the knockers and hinges that are pretty much forgotten when it comes to cleaning and lubricating. However, maintaining this part of your door can help ensure your door doesn’t carry nasty bacteria and that it continues working


Important Considerations to Make Before Cleaning Copper or Brass Door Hardware

Copper and brass are two popular door hinge and handle materials that are used in modern homes. Over time, they are susceptible to tarnishing. The good news is, they can be cleaned. If you have a solid brass or a coated door knob, you will need to figure out if it is made of zinc, steel or brass plated iron. If so, they should be cleaned with warm and soapy water. If you use abrasives or rough polishing materials, it may remove the brass plating present and cause damage. You can figure out want you have by using a magnet.
They won’t stick to solid brass.

Easy At Home Solutions for Cleaning Copper and Brass Knobs

You can create a paste out of equal parts salt, vinegar and flour. Rub the past onto the copper or brass and leave it there for a few minutes before buffing the paste away with a soft cloth. Another method is to take a ripe lemon and cut it in half. Put salt on the exposed pulp and rub it on your copper or brass. You can follow up with a cotton rag to remove any residue that remains.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Hardware

If you have stainless steel hardware on your door, the cleaning process can be a bit trickier. Instead of knowing what you can do, you should get to know what you should avoid. Some of the no-no’s related to cleaning stainless steel include:

  • Avoid the use of hard water or cleaning the stainless steel when it is warm
  • Don’t use an oven cleaner on it
  • Don’t use any type of abrasive, such as steel wool
  • Don’t ever use chloride or chlorine bleach

The best way to clean stainless steel is to use a damp, soapy cloth and water. If there is grime or gunk on the surface, you can use equal parts of vinegar and olive oil to clean them. You should try to clean your door knobs and hardware regularly as this will help ensure it continues to look great and function properly.

Tech Corner

Security Innovation: Bluetooth Padlocks


Chances are, you have used a traditional padlock in the past. These are one of the most common and popular styles of locks available that can be used for a wide array of applications. Just like everything else, innovation has reached the locking world and developed new, tech-advanced Bluetooth padlocks that don’t require combinations or keys. These padlocks work with your smartphone. All you have to do is download the necessary app to lock or unlock the device.

How Bluetooth Padlocks Work

These padlocks work in a fashion that is similar to other Bluetooth enabled devices. All you have to do is have your smartphone turned on and the Bluetooth feature activated. The way you access the lock will be dependent on the type and brand you purchase. However, there are a few common methods used:

• Touch: Some Bluetooth padlocks can be accessed by touch. This means all you have to do is touch an icon on the lock to unlock it. Your phone usually has to be nearby for this to work

• Phone: You can also find locks that are operated by your phone.

• Touch and passcode:
If you want enhanced security, there are some advanced Bluetooth locks that require passcode and touch access.

These locks offer a much higher level of security than traditional padlocks, allowing you to secure your items regardless of where you are or what you are doing.


Question: What name did Led Zeppelin first audition under?

A) Lead Zeppelin

B) The Whoopie Cushion

C) The New Yardbirds

D) The Slinkies



Question: Who played the role of the guitar slinging devil in the movie “Crossroads?”

A) Steve Vai

B) Ralph Macchio

C) Jami Gertz

D) Frank Zappa



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Thank you for reading our July issue. Don’t forget to read our weekly blog as well. See you next month!

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