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Issue: # 2018-02 February 2018

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February Newsletter

With winter now halfway over and warmer weather just a few weeks away, many families are starting to think of summer and plan their vacation. It’s important to remember, though, that vacation homes need to be protected year-round. This week’s newsletter includes tips on how to secure your vacation property, information on commercial access control, strong password tips, and more!

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Commercial Security

How Your Franchise Can Benefit from an Access Control System


If you own, or oversee a franchise that has multiple locations, replacing traditional lock and keys with access control keycards can help to improve overall security and make life easier, in general. The fact is, an access control system is a smart option for any type of business, especially those with high turnover rates.

With access control keycards, you can monitor who is coming and going, allow a single employee to access areas others can’t, and reduce security risks. Some of the specific benefits of installing an access control system for your franchise properties can be found here.

Simplify turnover.

If you have an employee who doesn’t turn in their keycard when they leave, you can easily deactivate it. This is much easier and more affordable than having to rekey all your locks and then distribute new keys to all your workers.

Save money.

While keycards can be reused, they can’t be duplicated the same way metal keys can. Printing a new keycard only costs your business a few dollars, and in some cases, can be done on-site.

Protect inventory.

With keycards, you can easily keep track of who is coming and going. You can also limit access during certain times of the day. If someone does happen to steal, you can use access control records to determine who it was. As you can see, access control systems offer a wide array of benefits, which are ideal for any franchise property. If you are ready to increase security while making it more affordable, then you should consider utilizing an access control system.

Residential Security

Tips for Securing Your Vacation Home

Do you own a second home? Perhaps a bungalow on the beach, or a cabin in the mountains? Do you rent this property out during certain times of the year? If so, you are among the 7.5 million homeowners across the U.S. who own a second property.


While it is great to have a second home to escape to during certain times of the year, what about the times when you aren’t there? Have you done everything possible to secure and protect your investment? To help put your mind at ease, use the tips here to secure your vacation home.

Let the police know when you aren’t there.

The local police department will want to know when your property is going to be vacant. When you provide this information, they will increase patrols in the area to help improve security.

Get to know your neighbors.

When it comes to protecting your property, you don’t have a better ally than your neighbors. Speak with these people about when you will be away and ask them just to watch for any odd activity. Make sure they have your contact information in case they ever notice anything going on.

Make it look as though someone is there.

If your home looks empty, then it is going to become a target. If you live close enough to visit from time to time, make sure to handle things such as mowing the lawn, raking leaves and shoveling snow. If you aren’t close enough to do this, there are services that can handle it for you. Also, a dark home is a target. Consider installing timers on your lights so they come on at different times during the day and night.

Install a home security or alarm system.

The best way to protect your vacation home is by installing a quality security system. Consider using one that offers remote access, as this will allow you to “check in” when you are away.

With the tips here, you can easily secure your vacation home and have peace of mind that it will remain secure while you are away.

Tech Corner

Tips to Create Secure Computer Passwords You Can Remember


By now, you know how important it is to create secure passwords; however, do you know how to create ones you can actually remember? The fact is, this is a challenge for individuals, as well as big companies. The good news is, there are a few tips that can help you out.

The Basics

First of all, you need to get to know the basic “rules” regarding password creation. These include:

  • Passwords must be a minimum of eight characters
  • No easily guessed info
  • No words that are found in the dictionary
  • Include upper and lower-case letters
  • Use special characters

Creating a Memorable and Safe Password

With the above rules in mind, now is the time to begin creating passwords that you can remember and that are secure. Some helpful tips to help you with this include:

  • Use a book: Do you love to read? If so, take your favorite book, open it to a random page and then find a word you like. This can be the base of your password.
  • Have fun with vowels: Take a phrase you like, such as “Sunshine and Rain” and take out the vowels to create a password. In this case, you would use “snshnndrn.”
  • Motor patterns: With this method you don’t remember a word, but rather a finger pattern on your keyboard.

Some other tips that may help you create a secure and memorable password is to mix up some of your favorite words, or use them in reverse. Just remember, you need to add special characters and numbers to the words you choose, as well, for superior security.

In addition to using the tips here to create effective passwords, you also need to change them on a regular basis. This is the only way to keep everything as secure as possible.



Who was the original songwriter of the 1971 hit from Olivia Newton John, “If Not For You?”

A) George Harrison

B) Rod Stewart

C) John Travolta

D) Bob Dylan



In the group known as "The Village People", which one of the following was not one of their characters?

A) Biker

B) Fire Fighter

C) Cowboy




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