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Issue: # 2014-9

September 2014




September 2014 Newsletter



Thank you so much for reading the September issue of the Connection e-Newsletter.


It's hard to believe that summer is over and fall is here!  With school and practices in full swing, make sure to arm your alarm system while you're out.


Please remember we specialize in surveillance systems, access control systems, as well as fire and burglar alarm systems. If you have any questions about residential or commercial security, don't hesitate to call.


Thank you for being such a loyal customer. We truly appreciate it.



How Virtual Machines Can Make BYOD More Secure 

Every year more employees, managers, even CEOs, are bringing their own devices from home to the workplace. Most cite the ease of use and familiarity of their own devices as their reasoning.


The danger of BYOD (bring your own device) lies in the fact that personal devices are often less equipped to fight viruses that expose confidential data to onlookers. They can also be loaded with malicious apps, lost, stolen, or simply left out on a table at home. Tech experts say that more corporate data is stored outside company firewalls than ever before, because of the tendency to use personal devices for business.


Trying to fight the BYOD revolution is an uphill battle. But the good news is you can protect your information by using Description: machines to separate  personal, from the corporate data. A virtual machine is like a computer within a computer. It runs on software installed in the device, and boots as a completely separate entity from the host computer's operating system. With virtual machines, you can protect company data with all the firewalls and antivirus software you use on company computers, and still allow employees to use the devices they like best in the workplace, coffee shop, or their living rooms. 






Pets Count When it Comes to Home Security


Did you know your dogs can benefit from a well-designed home security system just as much as you can? With new home automation features, you can get more peace of mind than ever, that your pets are safe and happy while you're away. These days you can...

         Use motion detectors and text alerts to know when pets leave the bedroom, enter the yard, the kitchen, or areas where they don't belong.

         Get live streaming video of your dog as he roams the house.

         Video chat live with your pet when she needs some Description: or a firm "Get off the counter!"

         Control the temperature of your home with your smartphone, to keep your animals comfortable on hot and cold days.

         Get a notification if someone comes to the door, and talk your dog down from alarm mode.

         Remotely lock and unlock doors for the pet sitter or dog walker.

         Get immediate help in case of fire, carbon monoxide, or a pet emergency. 

Let your security company know about the concerns you have for your pets, and see what they have to say. It could very well be time for a pet-friendly update to your system.



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Google Apps Are Changing the Cloud


Your business is probably already using the cloud to store and secure your data, both for personal use and corporate cyber security. In the cloud, your information is better protected from viruses, malicious hackers, fire, theft, and simple computer crashes. But Google is putting a new twist on cloud storage with their new standalone Drive app for the business or home.


Most cloud storage services work on a pay-per-play basis, meaning you pay more and more as you require more and more space in the cloud. But Google's new service will offer Description: storage for one flat fee, with files as big as 5 terabytes each. That means all your photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations can rest safely in one place, for one price, as your business grows and data accumulates.


The other game-changer is that Drive comes with all the collaboration and security features you need to privately share and edit documents together with your team, whether they're at work, at home, or away on business. You get to control how much editing power each person has, and participants can only share documents if they get permission from the owner. It's affordable, portable security for all your important information, accessible anywhere.







The Doors were not always just The Doors. What was their original name?


A. The Doors You Never Open

B. The Doors We Cannot Close

C. The Doors: Open and Closed

D. The Doors and the Windows






Where did Freddie Mercury write the song, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"?  

A.   In a train car

B.   On a visit to Central Park

C.   In the bathtub**** (correct answer)

D.   In his childhood bed





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