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Issue: # 2013-8

September 2013




September 2013 Newsletter


Here's the September issue of the Connection e-Newsletter. In each issue you'll get security tips and techniques for the residential and commercial markets, Tech Corner, and more. Hope you enjoy! 





Let's Talk Safes


If your business is growing, it will be necessary to install a safe, to keep your cash and sensitive documents secure. Business safes come in all shapes and sizes, but there are two types you must choose from: fire or theft.


Fireproof safes are generally made to protect vital documents: private information, deeds, stocks, and sensitive data. Your average legal Description: will be destroyed at around 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Since a structure fire burns at roughly 1300 degrees, a fireproof safe holds off an enormous amount of heat. Fireproof safes keep documents cool by releasing moisture into the interior. Depending on the level of fireproofing you choose, the safe you purchase will protect your files in a burning building for a time span between 30 minutes to several hours.


If you're in the retail or restaurant industry, or handle a large influx of cash each day, you will probably need a deposit safe to guard against thieves. Deposit safes, unlike home safes, are firmly anchored to the floor. They don't have the moisture releasing power of a fireproof safe, but they do have sophisticated locking mechanisms that would keep even a professional lock breaker busy for hours. No matter how high-tech your safe may be, it should not be trusted to protect your money overnight. Leave that level of security to the bank.




All-Natural Home Security


An updated home security system is the best line of defense for your home, but it's not the only way to protect your loved ones. Mother Nature has clever security measures installed on thousands of bushes and plants. Why not make them work for you?


One way to do this is with your fence line. A chain link fence isn't much of a deterrent on its own. But berry bushes, such as blackberries and raspberries, grow fast, thick and thorny, and they love to climb. Plant them along your fence line, and they will become so dense and prickly, even the most experienced burglar wouldn't want to touch it.


Closer to the house, choose low-growing spiny plants beneath windows and around porches. Some great picks are rose and holly bushes. Check with your local nursery to find out what grows best in your area. Plants that are suited to your soil type and rainfall levels will flourish best, with the least amount of fuss.







Take A Load Off Your Child's Back


Backpacks come in all sizes, colors, fabrics, and shapes. When they are carried properly, they're incredibly handy. As practical as backpacks are, they can strain muscles, joints, and may cause back pain if they're too heavy. Most doctors and physical therapists recommend that kids carry no more than 10% to 15% of their body weight in their packs.


When a heavy weight, such as a backpack filled with books, is incorrectly placed on the shoulders, the weight's force can pull a child backward. To compensate, a child may bend forward at the hips or arch the back, which can cause the spine to compress unnaturally. The heavy weight might cause some kids to develop shoulder, neck, and back pain.


Airbac Backpack To The Rescue!


There is a product on the market that can help relieve the weight of a backpack. It's called the Airbac.

Airbacs come with a built-in "air cushion", that nestle against the lower back and quite literally, take a load off. It has a built-in air pump to put more air in whenever and wherever you need.

The whole design alleviates the pressure pulling down on your shoulders, while distributing weight more evenly throughout, and resting more comfortably on your hips. For this backsaver, you'll pay around $60. 







Elton John's real name is...


A. Dwight Collins

B. Dwight Regier

C. Stuart Dwight

D. Reg Dwight



Previous Month's Rock n' Trivia Question 



Van Halen's album, 5150, is named after...


A. Eddie's childhood street address

B. A custom-made Peavey amp*****

C. A hand-crafted Gibson guitar

D. Police code for crazy person on the loose



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