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Issue: # 2013-9

October 2013




October 2013 Newsletter


Here's the October issue of the Connection e-Newsletter. In each issue you'll get security tips and techniques for the residential and commercial markets, Tech Corner, and more. Hope you enjoy! 





A Basic Closing Checklist


Employees can sometimes become lax about making sure buildings are properly shut down and secured at closing time. This puts resources and potentially lives, at unnecessary risk.

Business owners can rest easier with mandating a closing checklist placed in a prominent area, which the staff can mark off each night. Some sample items for a typical security closing list could be the following:


Are all outside doors and windows locked?


Have the exterior and entryway lighting been turned on?


Description: the alarm system been checked and activated?


Are the cash registers open and emptied completely?


Is the safe lit and locked?


Is the back entrance clear of boxes, bins, and debris, that might give an intruder a place to hide or a means of climbing onto the roof?


Are all the gates closed and padlocked properly?


Have the keys been collected and locked away in a secure location?


Is the video surveillance system activated?


It's best to customize your list to suit your security needs and train your closing staff to consult and mark off the list each night, signing out with their initials. Once it becomes part of the routine, there will be much less chance of a potentially catastrophic situation.




Teaming Up With Man's Best Friend


There has long been an overabundance of unwanted canines in the world. Strays are captured and killed each day. So it comes as no surprise that there are probably hundreds of dogs available for adoption nearby, that need loving, loyal homes.


Dogs are said to be the next best security system after a professionally installed alarm. You may be considering dog adoption yourself, but before heading out to the shelter, it's wise to think about what kind of companion you are looking for.


Description: you want a reliable guard dog that will kick up a fuss when strangers come too close to your home? Some of the best breeds for guardianship and discernment include working and herding dogs, such as Scottish Collies, German Shepherds, Standard Poodles, and Border Collies. It may be difficult to find a purebred at the local Humane Society, but a mutt with any of these breeds in his bloodline could be a perfect candidate for you.


Just be aware that highly intelligent

dogs need enormous amounts of activity and interaction. If they are kept happy and working, they will be an asset and a joy to be around.


Are you looking for a companion dog that is easy to care for and might bark to alert you of a possible intruders? It may be best to look for a smaller mixed breed with Daschund, Scottish Terrier, or Schnauzer in his history. These types of dogs tend to be relatively calm and companionable, and although they may not win in a fight, they will loyally protect those they love.  


No matter what kind of canine friend might join your family, the most important thing is to commit to protecting and loving him back, for the rest of his life.





 This fall we find ourselves with the largest number of digitally controlled home devices ever. Thermostats, lights, locks, and garage doors can now all be controlled by your smart phone, iPad, or computer.  

Any of these devices can be controlled individually over the internet. If bought individually and you want several of these devices, you will need several apps and logins. By controlling them all though your account, one convenient app and login will let you control each device.

From our point of view, the best part is that same app controls your interactive Go!Control alarm system from 2Gig.   This system works on the reliable Verizon CDMA network. No more relying on unreliable traditional telephone lines. You can turn on lights, adjust the thermostat, open the garage door and disarm your alarm system within seconds from anywhere in the world.  


Add another layer of security, a wifi camera, and you can have comprehensive, safe, and direct control of your home.


Click on the following link, to see the new technology we're working on in action!







Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, Steve Morse, and Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthews Band all share the same pastime, which is...


A. Speed boating

B. Race car driving

C. Flying planes

D. Skydiving




Elton John's real name is...


A. Dwight Collins

B. Dwight Regier

C. Stuart Dwight

D. Reg Dwight (CORRECT)****



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