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Issue: # 2013-10

November 2013




November 2013 Newsletter


Here's the November issue of the Connection e-Newsletter. In each issue you'll get security tips and techniques for the residential and commercial markets, Tech Corner, and more. Hope you enjoy! 





Prepare a Tornado Plan


Tornadoes can happen anywhere in the country. Most employers never prepare for such an event. Would your employees know what to do if a tornado struck at work?

You can help ensure the safety of your staff and customers, if you train your employees about tornado survival on the job. First, locate a safe spot. If you have a tall building, designate a small, central room or hallway on the lowest floor. If your building is one story tall, choose the basement, or the sturdiest room free of windows, and have everyone take shelter under tables or desks.

If your employees spend a lot of time driving, make sure they move to the lowest area they can find, buckled up and head down. If possible, have them leave the vehicle and take shelter in a nearby building instead.


After the tornado passes, use extreme caution moving through debris. 50% of tornado-related injuries occur after the fact, from stepping on       Description: objects, or coming into contact with damaged electrical lines.


Prepare to treat the most life-threatening injuries first. Apply pressure to bleeding wounds, and start CPR if someone has stopped breathing. Never move a severely injured person, unless their life is in immediate danger from nearby debris. When rescuers approach the area, call attention to those who are injured and trapped.


Ideally, if you own a large business, one, or several people on your staff should be licensed in CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams), so that your team would have a trained leader ready to act when disaster strikes. It's also a good idea to make sure a few of your employees are trained in CPR. Talking these things through before the storm begins could save lives.  




A Burglar's Point of View


If you walked into your front yard and took a good look at your house, what would you see? A bit of worn siding, trees that need trimming, old paint on the front door? But what does an experienced home invader see?


You see a sturdy deadlock.


He sees one sturdy deadlock, when all your neighbors have two. Which house will be easier to crack?


You see a 'Beware of Dog' sign in the window.


He sees, "My back door is probably open to let the dog out." Plus,  Description: with dogs or cats are much less likely to activate their alarm systems at night because they worry that a pet might accidentally trip a motion sensor. Best not to advertise your animals.


You see a few, slim openings between curtains.


He sees your calendar, your key hooks and your purse on the kitchen counter. He knows exactly when you will be out, and where to get a set of spare keys to hold until you leave for an entire evening, when he will have lots of time to rummage. In this case, privacy is safety.


With a little foresight, you can outsmart the potential burglar before he picks your home as a target. So take a quick walk in his shoes and then take action.





Is Your Wi-Fi Connection Secure?


When you set up a wireless router in your home, you open up the lines of communication between the Internet and every wireless device in range. Some homeowners may not be aware that their Wi-Fi coverage extends beyond the walls of the house, possibly out to neighbors' houses, depending on the strength of the signal.


There are several options available to secure your network from those who might try to use it for questionable purposes. When your router is first installed, the connection is open. This means that anyone in range can use it, without inputting a password.

If your router is installed by a professional installer, you can be reasonably sure that he or she added some type of encryption before 
Description: leaving your home. The installer probably gave you a password to keep in a secure location. It's a good idea to change this password soon after installation.


The two major types of encryption your installer uses vary widely in their security capabilities. WEP, or Wired Equivalent Privacy, is notoriously easy to crack, with no more than a laptop, and a little time.

Wi-Fi Protected Access, or WPA, is much more secure, and should be the encryption you use to keep your network free of illegal activity you may be liable for, should someone use your signal. Contact your Internet provider if you're unsure of the security of your home network.







B.B. King owned several Gibson ES-355 guitars, and all of them were named...


A. Rhonda

B. Lucille

C. Belinda

D. Gloria







Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, Steve Morse, and Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthews Band all share the same pastime, which is...


A. Speed boating

B. Race car driving

C. Flying planes **** (ANSWER)

D. Skydiving



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