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May 2014




May 2014 Newsletter



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Is Your Parking Lot Secure?

Most violent crime that takes place on commercial property, happens in the parking lot, not in the building. Only 17% of these crimes are witnessed or recorded on camera. Courts often find the business partially responsible for the crimes that take place in the parking lot. So what can you do to protect yourself and your customers?

The most basic precaution is to have a well-lit, highly visible, open lot. This increases the chance that a crime could be witnessed, whether through store windows or by street traffic. Remove any unnecessary obstructions that would shield your parking lot from view of the buildings and the street.

Once lighting and visibility issues are resolved, the best Description: for deterring potential criminals is a set of security cameras. There are many, small cameras on the market that blend in with your outdoor light fixtures. You may wish to purchase large, conspicuous cameras, to send a message to perpetrators that nothing will go unnoticed, or unrecorded. It is also a good idea to set up signs advertising this fact; the law in some cities requires it.

It is best to start by recording the areas closest to the building, and then expand the reach of your video surveillance to the outer edges of the lot, using your existing light poles. The resolution and memory capabilities of the cameras you choose, will depend on the following:  distance between cameras, whether they will be used in daylight or at night or both, and how the footage will be monitored.

If your property is large, high-traffic, and has many blind spots, you might need to invest in a security patrol service, to keep your customers and employees safe.






Stop Burglars at the Door


The door is your home's first line of defense, so make the most of it with these suggestions:

1. Make sure it's solid. Some track homes are built with flimsy, hollow doors, which look pretty, but are easily kicked in. Your exterior doors should be made of solid fiberglass, solid wood, veneer over a solid wood core, or reinforced metal. A metal door should have a lock-block inside, to prevent it from being jimmied away from the frame.

2. If you are in the process of building, find out if you can install your exterior doors and frames, so that the doors swing outward. This makes it much harder to open by force.

Description: Remove and replace doors that contain glass windows, or reinforce the glass with a metal security grate. These grates come in many decorative patterns, so your home doesn't have to look like a prison.

4. Don't install windows within two feet of an exterior door, if you are building. If you have windows close to the front door, consider adding a polycarbonate panel behind the outside pane.

5. Inspect your door frames, jambs, hinges, and hardware. Be sure all plates and hinges are secured to a stud, not just the frame. Check periodically for signs of wear, corrosion, and wood rot. A door is only as strong as the frame that holds it.

6. Lock your door. A shocking number of daytime burglars simply walk in through the front door, because the owners left it unlocked. Don't be a easy target!




TECH CORNER Description:


A Tell-Tale Trail of Breadcrumbs

The technology that has become an intrinsic part of our lives over the last two decades makes it possible to connect and interact like never before. It also makes it possible to engage in an entirely new host of crimes and illicit affairs.

Along with the new capabilities for wrongdoing, technology offers the very evidence that convicts in court. Cheating spouses, identity thieves, sexual predators, and anyone else who would like to hide their tracks must contend with the clues they invariably leave behind on the very devices they use to offend.

For example, an online predator might be meticulous in Description: his browser history. But there are also cookies, temporary forms, login histories, temporary download files, and advertising spikes that must be dealt with to fully cover up his activities. And a skilled computer forensics team can access even the histories and cookies that were deleted. It takes a considerable amount of know-how to erase all traces of an internet history. This record of clicks and downloads can be used as evidence in a court of law.

Also, many of the non-browser based instant messaging services, such as AIM, and ICQ, store every word you chat, whether you delete the conversation or not. These records can prove to be incriminating later, when they are brought up as evidence of conspiratorial crimes.





The famous line, "I really love your peaches, want to shake your tree," was from which Steve Miller Band song?

A. "Some call me the gangster of love"

B. "The Joker"

C. "Some people call me Maurice"

D. "Cause I speak of the pompitous of love"









Which act made the cover of Rolling Stone by recording
"The cover of the Rolling Stone"?

A. Steely Dan  
B. Suzi Quatro
C. Alice Cooper
D. Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show*** (answer)






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