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Issue: # 2014-3

March 2014




March 2014 Newsletter


As I'm writing this, it seems that winter is finally over and spring is on the way. This was a long winter for all of us.


Thanks for reading the March issue of the Connection e-Newsletter. In this issue you will find some tips on cutting down employee theft and how to prevent your alarm system from being "slammed".


With spring comes the dreaded spring cleaning. We have a guest article from S & G Cleaning Services that may help you get started.


Thank you for being such a loyal customer. We truly appreciate it.


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Stop Employee Theft

Roughly one quarter of the billions in revenue lost by American businesses each year is stolen by employees. This is especially true for small-to-medium sized businesses, which sometimes lack necessary security measures and infrastructure needed to convince employees that the risks of being caught outweigh the benefits of a little extra money.

A few things you can do to halt employee theft in its tracks:

1.    Do your homework before you hire. Check references, ask questions and get feedback on each person you bring onto your team. This is the best way to head off potential thieves.

2.    Once you've made the hire, use the buddy system to keep employees accountable. If possible, there should never be a situation in which an employee closes alone. Closing time is the best time for theft to occur.

3.    Know your employees as well as you can. If your company is too large for this, then make sure your managers and supervisors know what warning signs to watch: chronic Description:, tendency to disregard corporate policy, substance abuse, overspending, and resentment or a feeling that they have been deprived of something.

4.    If you are in retail, set up strict limits for when and how one employee can ring up another employee, and do not let employees ring up friends or relatives. All the most significant cash transactions and deposits should be made by you, or a trustworthy manager. If employees tend to consume some of your products, such as food items, tell them to keep the receipts all day long, ready to present at a moment's notice.

5.    The most effective method of prevention is a closed circuit video feed (CCTV), which monitors employee transactions from open to close. With the risk of being caught so high, employee theft becomes too dangerous to risk. 


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When a Security Company Isn't A Security Company

When it comes to home security systems, you never buy them off the street. But scam artists across the country are sweet-talking and hard-selling homeowners into doing just that. These scammers usually work in the summertime, for disreputable out-of-state security companies, or for themselves.

They show up at your door and sell you a story: Your security company changed names, so we need to convert your paperwork. Or... Your equipment is out of date, and we're here to update it for you. Or... You need a whole new system, and we've got one right here ready to go, at unbelievable prices!

They often wear shirts and hats printed with the logos of Description: security companies, and the really tricky part is that they actually do a bit of work for the pay you fork out. Sometimes they remove your old equipment and install an inferior system in its place. But usually they hard sell you into signing the dotted line on a bogus security contract that will never net you any protection at all.

It's not hard to head this scam off. Just remember that a good security company is registered with your state and can be checked on the internet or in the phone book for accuracy. And any reps they send to your home will have a verifiable ID that they would be happy to let you check over the phone. If you live alone, never answer the door for any security company you don't already have a relationship with, and then only after you have checked that they sent someone.



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Mobile Phone Payments Present New Concerns

As mobile phone payments become an acceptable and commonplace practice all over the world, experts wonder what it could mean for the security of the users. They worry that as more and more customers send and receive personal banking and spending information on their phones, the number of criminals targeting that information will grow just as quickly.

So far, that seems to be the case. NQ Mobile, a smart-phone Description: software company, said that in 2012 more than 65,000 new malware threats cropped up, as opposed to only 24,000 in 2011. Malware and bogus apps are generally created to siphon account information or trick users into giving it freely.

What can you do to protect yourself and your financial privacy? NQ Mobile says to keep your phone locked and password protected, so that no one can use it if stolen or left on the cafe table. See what security software is available on your phone, and use it. And don't put your address or bank account numbers on your phone. With these tips in mind, you can confidently join the mobile payment revolution.



As we turned our clocks ahead, many of us smiled as we thought about the shift into the spring and summer seasons.


Did your thoughts then turn to the dreaded Spring Cleaning? Traditionally this is the time of year when we start to think about giving everything a really thorough spring cleaning.


We understand, that many of us find it hard to get motivated. If you are one of those people, start by clearing out one closet, or one drawer. Take baby steps, don't make a long TO DO list that will be difficult to conquer. Slowly move into larger projects like the refrigerator, then the basement, or the garage. Toss everything that no longer has a useful purpose.


Gather up clothing you don't wear, gifts you will never use, old pots and pans, and assorted dishes that clutter up the cupboards, books that you've read and will never read again, and give them to charity. If it can be recycled, recycle it. If it can be donated, donate it. Be ruthless in your effort to clear away the old and bring new energy into your home.


Your personal environment mirrors your inner state.

Make sure you are living with the most radiant energy possible.


Guest Article By S & G Cleaning Services. They have been cleaning homes and offices throughout central New Jersey since 1984. To contact them please call 908-722-9254.







What was the first rock song, longer than four minutes, to land at number one on the charts?


A. "Hey, Jude"

B. "House of the Rising Sun"

C. "The Twist"

D. "I Can't Get No (Satisfaction)"






In one of the most shocking plot twists in music history, The Beach Boys befriended...      

A. The Beatles

B. Willie Nelson

C. Charles Manson*** (ANSWER)

D. Dolly Parton





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