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 The Connection Newsletter



    Issue: # 2015-06                                                                       June 2015




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June 2015 Newsletter


Thank you for reading this issue of our newsletter.  


We are officially in summer with longer days and warm nights.


The tenancy is to relax. Don't let your guard down. Remember to lock your doors, close your garage door, and don't leave the house or sleep with ground level windows open.


These few tips can make your summer safer.


Thank you again.



Our Blog


If you don’t already know we write a weekly blog that provides information on security systems and security topics. We cover a range of issues, anything from “Does having a home security system affect my homeowners insurance?” to “Making the switch from analog to IP surveillance.” Our blog will help you further understand different aspects of the security world and it provides a platform for you to engage with us. Ask questions and leave comments, we’d love to hear what you’re thinking. Be sure to click on the link in the upper right to follow our blog, there’s also a follow button at the very end of the newsletter. Our blog posts are published across all our social media sites as well.


A few topics from this month’s posts:


What Sets Us Apart-This entry offers insight into what separates Perfect Connections from the competition.


NFC Technology-How Mobile Are We?-Here we investigate near field communication (NFC) technology and how it is poised to affect access control solutions in conjunction with our mobile devices.


Defining Edge Technology-What does being pushed to “the edge” mean?  This looks at security system components, in particular surveillance, and how internet networks are changing our approach.



Commercial Security


Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-68279fb6-6432-4105-a099-57119377ba3c-v2How to Evaluate Your Business’s Security System Provider


As a business owner, you likely know the importance of evaluating what is and isn’t working for your company on a regular basis. However, a critical and often overlooked area for evaluation is your security system. You have to consider a number of things. For example, is the service you have in place offering adequate protection at a reasonable price? If not, it may be time to find a new security provider.


Some questions you should ask when trying to evaluate your current security provider are highlighted here.


 What will you do next?        


“Good enough” never lasts long. You need to ensure the provider you use fully understands the current security market and has plans to upgrade and enhance their systems as technology progresses. If they have no plans to upgrade your services, you are likely with the wrong provider.


Are you ready for mobile integration?


Most employees currently bring their phones to work. You may even use a number of apps to help enhance your business, such as document scanning and mobile credit card readers. The alarm and security company you use should not be any different. If they do not have a mobile app readily available, be sure you ask “why?” If they don’t have one being developed, you may want to seek services elsewhere. There are quite a few security providers that now offer apps that give you on-demand text alerts and live-streaming video monitoring.


Do you offer value-enhancement services?

Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-da58eda0-1737-4340-a929-53ca76e3dd3a-v2 

An alarm system is only a single element of a bigger security package. When looking for a security system it is a good idea to find one that offers extra services to help ensure your business remains safe. Ask about pairing video cameras, access control, and alarm systems.


Taking some time to consider the quality of your security provider will ensure you achieve the results you want from your system. 



Residential Security


Tips to Burglar-Proof Your Home’s Windows

Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-0d72f989-05f4-4552-805e-2ccbadff920f-v2 

Chances are you think of your home’s security on a regular basis. You have installed a high quality security system, have your lawn well-maintained to prevent hiding places and even have extra secure locks on your doors. However, have you considered the security of your home’s windows? Many homeowners now opt to not have window contacts put on their windows due to the extra cost incurred, but windows are a vulnerable point of entry for your home.


The good news is there are a number of ways you can enhance the security of your windows to better help  “burglar-proof” them.


Install Reinforced Glass


Impact resistant glass is extremely difficult for a would-be-intruder to break. When you install tempered glass it will minimize the ability to be smashed with regular burglar tools. You also have the option of installing Plexiglas that looks just like traditional glass but is actually a thick plastic, which is also very difficult to break.


Install Floodlights


The natural enemy of any burglar is light. This is the biggest risk that they will be seen. This means you should install floodlights over any vulnerable windows around you home. Also consider installing motion-activated bulbs, which will further deter would-be intruders.


Plant Thorny Bushes


You can use nature to your advantage. Plant a thorny 

Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-acbd520d-4b95-40ba-8c63-8f47685fda1d-v2bush, such as roses, around your home’s windows. While these look nice and can enhance your home’s curb appeal, they will also help to deter burglars from trying to gain access to your home via the windows.


When you implement the tips here, you will find that your home’s security has been further enhanced, which will better protect your home, belongings, and family.


Window Contacts


Reconsider installing window contacts for full protection of your windows.


Tech Corner


Security Loopholes Revealed in Several Smart Tech Apps

Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-8e8510a3-005c-4113-8d26-712033ac01c4-v2The signals being transmitted by a number of leading fitness monitors and mobile phones via Bluetooth Low Energy easily monitored and recorded, according to a number of new studies.


Researchers from a consulting firm studying cyber-security have developed a new app that will scan, detect, and log wearable devices in an effort to show how simple it is to track the signals that are sent by these popular gadgets. According to the research, there are a number of people who wear the fitness devices, never realizing that they are constantly broadcasting and that the broadcasts are often attributed to a specific device.


With the use of cheap hardware or even a smartphone, it is possible to locate and identify a certain device – one that may belong to a senior business executive, politician, or celebrity – up to 100 meters in the open air.


Once accessed, the information can be used for social engineering or in a physical crime or cyber-attack, since people’s movements will be known.  


In 2010, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) was first introduced 

Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-a55c8a57-f251-4909-8043-0a277ec6ac2c-v2for the apps that relied on the transmission of signals. The appealing factor of this new technology is that it worked without draining your device’s batteries. This technology relies on the identification of devices by their actual IP address; however, it was found that these don’t change. In many cases, the transmission will even include the name of the user or the specific device. It is estimated that by 2018 up to 90 percent of all smart devices will support the BLE technology.


What does this mean for you? Being aware of what is being transmitted is essential. This may be yet another way for would-be hackers and cyber-criminals to attack your personal information and even steal your identity. Just like any other security issue, being aware is half the battle. 



The Local Business Spot Lite: bodhi. by Anthony Monetti-Somerville, NJ


You go to work every day, you take care of your family, your home, your pets, but what are you doing to take care of yourself? And what does taking care of yourself look like? Is it brushing your teeth, meditating, eating healthy, or exercising? Perhaps it’s a combination of all those things and then some. But lets’ be honest, eating right and exercising are probably two of hardest things for any adult to truly master. All those failed diets and New Year’s resolutions, it’s a vicious cycle that many of us feel trapped in. However, the experts at bodhi. by Anthony Monetti can help you break that cycle and truly transform your life. Bodhi is so much more than your average gym. It’s an environment with a dedicated team that provides individual attention and focuses on fitness training and nutrition education, supporting each member on their journey to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.


Bodhi is conveniently located on West Main Street in Somerville, NJ. To help protect their establishment our team at Perfect Connections, Inc. installed a cloud based surveillance system. It helps ensure the safety and security of their facility, equipment, and most importantly their staff and members. The surveillance system allows Founder, Anthony Monetti, and Co-Founder, Karen Monetti, to view live recordings via their mobile devices as well as recordings stored in the cloud. This helps them keep an eye on their facility even when they can’t physically be on site. When asked how the system has been working for them they said, “Awesome! We ensure the safety of our members as well as staff.” In regards to working with our team at Perfect Connections they said, “(They’re) Super responsive and great customer service! Thanks Patrick and team Perfect Connections!”


Q & A with Anthony Monetti, Founder-Bodhi.


Knowing that Bodhi provides an environment that fosters healthy lifestyles through fitness training and nutrition education I wanted to get a closer look at what really makes Bodhi stand out. Unlike other gyms or fitness centers where the owners are only interested in filling a membership quota, for Anthony and Karen Bodhi is not only their business, it’s their life. Anthony is a drug free bodybuilder with over 25 years experience as a competitive athlete. He holds titles that include 2006 Mr. Fitness and 2012 Mr. US Champion. Karen is a drug free professional figure athlete and she holds such titles as 2006 Ms. Exercise, 2011 Ms. Exercise, 2011 Ms. Universe, and 2011 Ms. World. With their extensive knowledge and experience in personal fitness and nutrition, Anthony and Karen lead and support others in discovering their best selves.


So what inspired them to start Bodhi? In Anthony’s own words, “We believe everyone deserves to be healthy, look great, and feel great. We also believe there is so much incorrect information out there that people are missing the accountability and education behind living a well-balanced and healthy life. We wanted to make a difference by providing hope, education, and support to everyone who wants to live their most fulfilling life.”


Aside from the personal attention each member receives, clients are kept motivated through “progressive goal setting.” Anthony said this means, “The journey never ends, once one goal is achieved we move on to the next. Always improving our mind, body and spirit!” Anthony and Karen opened Bodhi in December of 2010 and have had some amazing success stories, check them out HERE. They currently have 70 members and can accommodate up to 150. Their well trained and educated team is available for private fitness training sessions and nutrition consultations. Normal hours of operation are Monday-Friday 6:00am-8:00pm and Saturday-Sunday 7:00am-12:00pm.


Every business has its fair share of challenges and Bodhi is no exception. Anthony says their biggest challenge is, “Finding people who REALLY want to make the necessary changes to create their best life. It is hard work to change your mistaken thoughts and actions into successful habits, some want to change but less are willing to fully commit to the changes.”  That being said, their progressive goal setting techniques and personal support provide a platform to overcome these struggles that we all face. The dedicated team at Bodhi believes in their clients and with personal commitment anyone can achieve their best life.


Future goals for Bodhi include “Bodhi Barbados.”  Anthony and Karen are hoping to open a wellness retreat in Barbados! Anthony says, “As for Bodhi in Somerville, we are in development of our full services kitchen that will offer personalized meals that accommodate our members’ needs and wants.”


Whether you’re interested in living healthier, reaching a personal goal, or looking to gain a better understanding of nutrition and fitness, Bodhi is an environment where you will flourish. Their dedicated team will help you discover a path to a better you, maybe one you never knew existed. The experts at Bodhi are body transformation specialists, realizing true development includes mind, body, and spirit. They’re located at 198 West Main St. Somerville, NJ 08876. To learn more about their services and their work visit their website at bodhi.. You can contact them with any inquiries at (908)-526-2288.



Rock and Roll Trivia

 Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-d64bab95-88d7-40d6-8786-97f420d36431-v2


Trivia Question: Who discovered Jimi Hendrix?


         A. Led Zeppelin's lead singer Robert Plant 

         B. The Animals drummer Chaz Chandler

         C. Guitarist Carl Wilson

         D. The Rolling Stones Mick Taylor


Previous Month's Rock n' Trivia Question

 Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-c2d8a95c-bf0e-49f2-bcc6-2408577442ac-v2

Trivia Question: Where did the world-famous Session musicians "The Swampers" originate?


       A. Music Shed Studios, Louisiana 

       B. Dark Horse Recording, Tennessee

       C. FAME Studios, Alabama 

       D. Blue Sky Studio, Mississippi






We offer a wide-range of Commercial and Residential Security Services that include: 

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Thank you for reading our June issue. Don't forget to read our weekly blog, link at the top or follow button below. See you next month!




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