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June 2014




June 2014 Newsletter



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Security on the Road

Many business owners and their employees must spend a portion of the year travelling-whether to meet new clients, attend conferences, or perform contract jobs. It can be easy to feel less vigilant about security when you are far from home, but you may be liable if something happens to your staff while they are away on a business trip.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you or an employee have to leave town:

Get to know the area where you will be staying. You can do research by checking local blogs, getting statistics from crime watch websites, or taking a look at recent news. Make sure that the neighborhood of the hotel you choose is safe. It's a good idea to find a hotel with restaurants in the building or next door, so that the need to walk the streets after dark is minimized.

Description: strict limits on alcohol consumption for employees who are away. A few drinks at the networking mixer is one thing, but getting drunk will make your staff members vulnerable to criminals, who could even be after your company's information.

Only use secure wifi networks on any device which contains corporate information. This should be a rule at all times, but there is much stronger temptation to break this rule on the road.

Watch your luggage carefully. Some thieves can detect a corporate employee a mile away, and they will be looking for an opportunity to get into your briefcase or computer bag.

If you must travel to volatile countries, where there are no truly safe hotels, hire an outside security firm to accompany your employees. It may seem expensive, but the risks are much more costly.






Home Security for the Single Woman


A single woman who lives alone is statistically more likely to be watched and targeted than a woman who lives with a roommate or a family member. She is also less likely to be reported missing to authorities. In this case, prevention is paramount.

Here are a few suggestions to keep you safer at home:

Use a front door intercom. Opening the door to a stranger determined to gain entrance, is essentially the same as inviting him in. Once the door is ajar, he can try to strong arm right past you. Keep an intercom, preferably with video, so that you can ascertain who is on your front porch without touching the door.

Get a panic button. These come with or without GPS, and can be used in any room of your home, or kept on your body. That way help is only a click away.

Schedule service calls strategically. Make sure that when strangers must come in to work on your home, there is a trusted neighbor or friend close enough to hear you shout.

Don't date at home. If you wish to try a new relationship with someone you don't know, never let them pick you up at your address on the first date. Find public places to meet and get to know one another, and drive yourself home. Keep this up until you are sure your new partner can be trusted.

Description:, keep personal protection items accessible, especially in your bedroom and near the front door. If you have pepper spray or a firearm, know how to use it, and keep it in good working order. If possible, take a self defense or martial arts course. It will make you feel empowered, and it could save your life. 




TECH CORNER Description:


Microsoft's New Kinect Sees Everything

The future of video games just got a whole lot creepier. Microsoft's first iterations of the Kinect could sense movement, and the general orientation of the user's body. But the new Kinect uses a just-developed technology called "time of flight" to sense depth.

Description: releases photons from a sensor, and measures how they bounce back, to 'see' your body in a whole new way. It can recognize facial features, a favorite accessory, pick out your gestures and postures and involuntary jerks during gameplay, and in the future, change the game to adapt to your expressions.

This is wonderful news for gamers everywhere, but the question remains to be answered whether consumers will be happy to invite an internet-ready spy into their living rooms.




Sonny and Cher's first stage name was...

A. Bonnie and Clyde

B. Sultan and Sheherezade

C. Caesar and Cleo

D. Sunny and Cherie






The famous line, "I really love your peaches, want to shake your tree," was from which Steve Miller Band song?

A. "Some call me the gangster of love"

B. "The Joker"*** (ANSWER)

C. "Some people call me Maurice"

D. "Cause I speak of the pompitous of love" 






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