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Issue: # 2013-5

June 2013




June 2013 Newsletter


Here's the June issue of the Connection e-Newsletter. In each issue you'll get security tips and techniques for the residential and commercial markets, Tech Corner, and more. Hope you enjoy! 






Do you have a working evacuation plan for your business? Most cities require one as part of their fire code standards. If not, it is so easy to put one into action! Here are ways to create your own plan: 

  1. If possible, create a documentation system of everyone in the building at any given time. This includes, customers, visitors, vendors, employees, and other personnel.
  2. Appoint someone who will have the authority to order the building evacuation. Be sure to have several other people trained as backups, in the event the primary person is not present at the time of an emergency.
  3. Plan at least two escape routes from every location in the building.
  4. Draw your evacuation route on a large map or poster board. This map should be legible, visible, and easy to comprehend. Arrows should indicate the path of travel and labels should show different parts of the building.Description: 
  5. Post evacuation maps in several locations of your building.  Include the evacuation plan procedure, and post the names of personnel authorized to order a building evacuation. If you have employees, this should be posted in places where your workers congregate, such as break rooms and outside restrooms.
  6. Ensure all exits and fire doors are clearly marked according to local laws.
  7. Practice your evacuation plan by holding random drills from your building. Drills will allow you to identify weaknesses in your plan and will help you and your employees fully understand their role in the event of a real emergency.








We all like to think our homes are secure, but there are some things homeowners inadvertently do to make a burglars job much easier. Are you guilty of any of these:

  • Burglars like to travel light, and often can't carry large tools such as ladders. Fortunately for them, most homeowners often leave these tools lying around lawns, driveways, and side yards, waiting to be used. If you have ladders, step stools, or anything a burglar can enter your home with, lock them up, to keep them from moved underneath a window.
  • Open sheds and garages not only have your valuables, such as lawn mowers and other yard items, but are also great places for burglars to hide. Keep them locked at all times if you're inside. Sturdy padlocks or deadbolts are the best way to secure these buildings.
  • Broken door and window locks are things that are neglected in manyDescription: homes. Check your doors and windows to make sure they are closing and locking securely. Repair and replace as needed. Don't give burglars an easy way in.
  • Don't leave the keys in any vehicle, even if it's in a closed and locked garage. Doing so makes it easy for the vehicle to be stolen, especially when you're asleep or not home. Don't hang keys to your car, home, or storage shed on hooks outside the door, or next to a window. This again makes it easy for crooks to steal from you.


Description: TECH CORNER        


It Slices, It Dices...It's Water?


Ever wished there was a neat and non-messy way to slice your favorite sticky pastry? Using a fork or knife makes a big mess with sugary pastries. There are crumbs everywhere, it tears and stuff sticks to the knife. Well, never fear - there's now a new solution on the horizon! A water powered laser. Yep!

Using water jets that are ultra-high pressured with between 15,000 psi to 90,000 psi, that pulses through an opening just 0.004 inches in diameter at three times the speed of sound, this gizmo from Canadian company Paprima, is a great choice for the cooking techno geek.


The water jet slicer uses ordinary tap water, and cuts through fruity, sugar glazed pastries faster, and cleaner than any knife there is. Despite the Description: jet's power, the machine's tiny opening maintains a delicate slice - so it can also cut through soft items like fresh fruit. Developers say it is an excellent choice when processing viscous, gelatinous, and multi-ingredient food products such as baked goods and confectionery and is much more sanitary than knife blades."


Now you can enjoy all the goodies that you're favorite Danish or sweet roll has to offer without cleaning up a mess of crumbs



ROCK & ROLL TRIVIA multiple choice question




What is the first Beatles album to have ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL?


A.        With the Beatles 

B.        A Hard Day's Night 

C.        Revolver 
D.        Beatles for Sale


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Which of the following foods was not incorporated into a Zeppelin song title?


A.     Tangerines

B.     Lemons

C.     Hot Dogs

D.     Cake***



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