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July 2014




July 2014 Newsletter



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Keep Employee Theft Out of Your Business 

One out of every forty employees will get caught stealing from the company that pays them. That means, over the life of your business, you will almost certainly hire your fair share of thieves, perhaps without ever knowing who they were. To make things worse, employees steal an average of five times more than shoplifters, on a case by case basis. So what can you do to protect yourself from wolves in the flock?


1. Use video surveillance. And do not be sneaky about it. Video cameras serve as both a deterrent and a means of detection. Statistically, they can reduce employee theft by more than half, and they can help you recover what you've lost by pinpointing the culprit.


2. Schedule workers in pairs. There should always be two employees present for voids, refunds, opening, and closing Description: Avoid scheduling pairs who are close friends, as they may be more likely to cover for each other.


3. Reward informants. Make it easy for employees who witness a theft or attempted theft, to tip you off anonymously. You can use a locked comment box or a separate email account. Make it known to everyone that you intend to reward productive tips with cash or other incentives.


One of the best ways to prevent theft is to create a happy, satisfying work environment, where your staff feels appreciated and adequately paid. Employees who know you and like you are much less likely to steal from you.






Is Your Yard a Burglar Magnet?


Keeping up a lawn, hedges, and a garden can cost you a huge amount of work and money. However, if you're not careful, your hedgerows can send an open invitation to intruders in the area. Keep an eye out for these burglar-friendly yard conditions:


Overgrown bushes close to the home, or blocking the street view: This is inviting a burglar to hunker down in the shade and wait until you leave the house. Or worse, to take his sweet time breaking into the window or door at night, without any fear of detection from passers-by. Keep those hedges low, and the home clearly visible, for the best security outlook.


Tall trees with long limbs, next to the second story windows: Almost the same as providing a ladder for intruders-tall trees can lead to second floor break-ins. On a related note, keep second floor windows locked, and wire them into your security system.


Description: grass and weeds:

Combine it with a pile of newspapers in the driveway, and you've pretty much told the burglar that you're away on vacation. He won't mind sneaking in the back door and slowly cleaning out your home while you're gone. Instead of letting things go while you're away, hire a neighbor kid or a lawn service to keep things fresh and neat for you. That ought to keep the prowlers guessing.   




TECH CORNER Description:


Three Ways the Cloud Makes Your Data Safer  

Lots of companies are making the switch to cloud based software. But is your customers' data really safer there? The answer to that question is yes, with a few caveats. Here are three of the major reasons cloud computing is more secure:


1. A full time staff and dedicated facilities. Cloud storage facilities are made specifically for data storage. They run a secure, climate-controlled environment, staffed by data security professionals. If you were to create the same level of security for your own hard drives and servers, it would come at a much higher price than the cost of purchasing space on the cloud.


2. Redundancy. Cloud data is stored on more than one server at once, using many different power sources. That way, if one power source or server fails, your information is Description: available on a backup server elsewhere.


3. Less room for human error. When all of your employees are carrying company data around on their individual devices, your company's private information can be accessed by anyone who is able to simply snatch a tablet, or find a laptop left behind in a taxi. On the cloud, all your information is encrypted and password protected, with a variety of security measures to choose from. That way, even if one of your employees loses a device, the data remains protected and available to you.


Do remember, however, that no facility is completely failsafe. A fire at a cloud facility in Europe proved that last year. But aside from rare, catastrophic events, cloud services offer much greater cyber security than most businesses could hope to achieve on their own.   








How Many Shows Did Elvis Perform Outside The United States? 

A. 0
B. 5
C. 139
D. 543  




Sonny and Cher's first stage name was...

A. Bonnie and Clyde

B. Sultan and Sheherezade

C. Caesar and Cleo *** (correct answer)

D. Sunny and Cherie






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