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Issue: # 2013-6

July 2013




July 2013 Newsletter


Here's the July issue of the Connection e-Newsletter. In each issue you'll get security tips and techniques for the residential and commercial markets, Tech Corner, and more. Hope you enjoy! 






Guard Against Vandalism


Walls, gates, and alarm systems can protect your property from invasion and theft, but what about vandalism? Even the most safe neighborhoods are not immune to the damage and expense that vandals can cause. Here are some simple steps you can take to protect your business.

1. Use your security system wisely. You invested in your system for a good reason, so put it to the best use possible. If your property is fenced and gated, expand your system all the way to the fence line, or as close to the outer walls as is feasible. This way any vandals who cross the line will be sure to trip the alarm.

2. Work together with other local businesses. If vandalism has become a problem in your area, join forces with other business owners to keep a sharp lookout, similar to a neighborhood watch.Description:  You may wish to pool your resources and hire a security company to patrol the area at night, when most vandalism occurs.

3. Train your employees to take security seriously. Locks, gates, and alarm systems are not effective, if they are not used properly. Be sure all of your employees know which door to lock and every gate to secure before they leave in the evening. It is also a good idea to install bright, exterior lighting that can be activated after closing. 

4. Act quickly when vandals strike. Vandalism breeds vandalism, so stop it in its tracks by reporting it to the police immediately. Police will need to photograph the damage, but after they finish, make repairs as quickly as possible. A pristine wall is less likely to be hit than a wall that has already been tagged.  





Description: Security Issues You Might Be Forgetting


It can be easy to get complacent about home security now and then. Most of us live in relatively safe neighborhoods, where nothing newsworthy happens for years at a time. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing, but that doesn't mean safety should become an afterthought. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself periodically.

When did I last change the locks? Door locks are the first, most important line of defense for your home. How old are they? Who else has a key or knows your passcode? If you haven't changed your locks since the day you bought your home, they are overdue for an update. Did you end a relationship with a significant other recently? No matter how healthyDescription:  the break-up, it's probably time to change your locks. Lose a set of keys? Change the locks today.

How crime-friendly is your landscaping? Burglars like thick, overgrown bushes around windows and doorways. They provide the perfect place to hide from passing cars and witnesses. Keep your shrubs short, or far from the house. The best greenery to keep close to your home are small ornamental plants.

What can outsiders see? Have you ever walked the perimeter of your home and looked into your windows from the outside? Do you see flat-screen tvs, brand new computers, or valuables lying around on dressers and shelves? If you can see it, so can a potential intruder. Invest in a good set of window coverings. Keep them closed at night and while you're away, especially on windows that face the street. If possible, keep valuable items in places out of view from the street. 

Home security doesn't have to be something to worry over, but it does require consideration now and then. If you've got an up-to-date security system in place, and you've taken a few basic precautions, peace of mind is well within your reach!



 TECH CORNER   Description:


New Steps Forward in Home Automation


An increasing number of residents are able to lock their doors, turn on lights, activate security systems, and even start the air conditioner - all at the tap of a smartphone or tablet. Sound good to you?

This service is highly customizable to customers' needs. Devices likeDescription:  security cameras, kitchen appliances, and watering devices are all on the growing list of remotely accessed technology.

Imagine being at work and having the ability to see the kids when they arrive home from school! No more worrying if you locked the front door after leaving the house for the day! 


Many homeowners report saving up to 30% on their monthly utility bills by managing their thermostat, lights, and appliances via the web.  With a smarthome, it's easy to save money and conserve energy!


If having a home as smart as the Jetsons' sounds good to you, give us a call for a free quote!


ROCK & ROLL TRIVIA Multiple Choice Question



For that one, epic chord at the end of the Beatles' song "A Day in the Life," how many pianos and hands were used?


A. one piano, four hands

B. one piano, six hands

C. two pianos, eight hands

D. three pianos, ten hands 


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What is the first Beatles album to have ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL?

A.        With the Beatles 

B.        A Hard Day's Night ******

C.        Revolver 
D.        Beatles for Sale


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