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   The Connection Newsletter


      Issue: # 2015-01                                                                       January 2015


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January 2015 Newsletter


I would like to apologize for the extra copy of the December Newsletter that was sent out inadvertently earlier this week.


Typically, in the deep winter months, the burglary rate takes a little dip. Unfortunately, residential fires and cases of Carbon Monoxide poisoning increase.  A few simple steps can make your home safer. Take extra care when lighting your fireplace.  Make sure your flu is regularly inspected and in good working order.  Never leave your home with burning embers in the fireplace. Make sure your dryer, hot water heater, furnace and any appliance that causes combustion is properly vented to prevent Carbon Monoxide from leaking into your home. And never use stoves and grills designed to work outdoors inside to heat your home. 


Thank you for allowing Perfect Connections to protect your home and/or business. We truly appreciate it and sincerely hope you never have to use our products to save lives or protect property. 


This month in The Local Business Spot Lite we feature Rhodes & Sons Electrical Contractors Inc. Steve Rhodes is a longtime licensed electrician who delivers high quality, reliable electrical service to central and northern New Jersey. 


Thanks to everyone who liked and followed us in these past months. If you can, please click a link to the right side and follow us.  We appreciate it.


Commercial Security


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Keep Watch on Your Store from Afar: Business Video Surveillance


Employee theft and shoplifting have a detrimental effect on the profitability of a store. No matter if you are a small business or a large enterprise, it is important to keep track of store activities to ensure the safety of your employees, your customers, and your assets.


The Truths about ShopliftingDescription: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-67f174ca-4e94-4ec5-bd0a-f44b129f9944-v2


Shoplifting can cost your business a significant amount of profits and may result in you having to downsize your staff; this can be detrimental to you and your employees. Consider the following facts:

  • Every 1 out of 11 people shoplift but only 1 in 48 are caught.
  • 25 percent of all shoplifters are children.
  • Stores are not targeted on a discriminatory basis.

Discovering Employee Theft


Even worse than theft from outside people, is employee theft. Even with reference checks and background screening, some employees will have the inclination to steal.

  • Up to 35 percent of all employees have stolen services or goods from their place of work.
  • The most common asset stolen is cash.
  • Each year, employee theft costs over 50 billion dollars in the retail industry in the U.S.

Security Technology and Loss Prevention


One of the best ways that you can mitigate your risk is by utilizing the technology that is available, which will serve as your eyes when you are away. Installing a combination of video and mobile surveillance will help prevent asset loss and promote a safer store environment while providing you with peace of mind.


No matter if you have gone out for lunch, or you are traveling around the world, video surveillance and mobile access will allow you to check in with your business at any time. Some of the benefits this provides include:

  • Monitoring all employee behavior and identifying red flags at the point of sale.
  • Enabling settings that will allow you to know if someone enters into a prohibited area.
  • Ability to arm and disarm your entire system, adjust your camera views and control the camera angles from any location.
  • Record surveillance footage and then store them for later use.
  • View real time video of your store while you are away.

Keeping your store or business secure is easy when you integrate the technology offered by video surveillance. 



Residential Security


Tips for Designing and Building Your Home with Security in Mind

Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-0d72f989-05f4-4552-805e-2ccbadff920f-v2No matter if you are planning to renovate your home, or building a brand new one, it is essential that you consider the security measures you can take to prevent home invasions and break-ins.


There are a number of different factors that can cause a Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-b680a7aa-a4c9-484c-8e71-5c807fb0aa86-v2home to be targeted by burglars, including the locks, doors, windows, lighting, fencing, landscaping and visibility. When you consider these things early in the planning and design stages of building a home it can help  locate and target any weak spots in security and reduce the risk of a break in later on.


The first thing to understand when building a secure home is to know the crime rate in your area and what types of crimes are most common. Once you understand the highest crime rates, then you can find new ways to implement security to deter intruders. A great starting point is to think like a would-be thief – if you were trying to break into your house, how easy would it be? The goal is to ensure your house is not attractive to intruders by adding features that make it hard to access.

Some security tips to consider when building or renovating your home include:

  • Position all balconies and second floor windows so they are not able to be accessed by climbing up external fixtures, such as trees, pipes or gutters.
  • Be sure that the front of the house and all of the primary access points can be seen from the street and that the area is well-lit.
  • Put a deadbolt lock on each door. The locks need to be positioned in a way so they cannot be opened by breaking a nearby window.
  • Thieves are going to take the things they can see. Design your rooms and the power outlets so your expensive assets are not visible from outside.
  • Install a pre-wired security system, it is much more cost effective than having to retro-fit your home down the road. Additionally, systems that are hard wired are much more difficult for a thief to disable.
  • Place alarm panels next to the door and panic buttons near your bed.

When you plan the design of your home with security in mind, you, your family and your possessions will be safer. 



Tech Corner

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Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow Developing Flying Inventory
Robots To Keep Tabs On Your Stock


Inventories are a necessary evil that need to be carried out at least once a year. Despite their necessity, they are also tedious, time consuming, labor intensive, and often involve businesses shutting their doors for whole days as they count how many unsold widgets are in the back room.

Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-65c50b64-6a6e-45ec-a21d-c3318ac79a2e-v2The Fraunhofer Institute's InventAIRy Project plans to change that by developing a new flying robotic drone that not only takes over the drudgery of stock taking, but also acts as a new tool for record keeping and streamlining warehouse operations.


Under the leadership of logistics specialist Marco Freund at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML in Dortmund, Germany, the InventAIRy Project aims to turn inventory work into as automatic an operation as synching a spreadsheet.


According to Fraunhofer, the InventAIRy system should not only be able to count the number of buttons and zippers on the shelves, but also reduce costs by eliminating recording errors, identifying bottlenecks in production, and keeping a running tally of the inventory.



The Local Business Spot Lite: Rhodes & Sons Electrical Contracting, Inc. 


If you’re like me, you probably know next to nothing about electrical and power installations, so I leave that up to the professionals.  How can you be sure you’re getting reliable, quality, and expert electrical work done?  Hire the professionals from Rhodes & Sons Electrical Contracting, Inc.  Located in Middlesex, New Jersey, Rhodes & Sons Electrical Contracting, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that offers not only expertise and precision, but transparent honesty.  Steve Rhodes and his sons have been providing electrical and power services to central New Jersey homes and businesses for the past 24 years.  They’re a fully licensed, bonded and insured establishment running the gamut on electrical and power services; anything from generator installation to industrial control wiring.


To help keep an eye on his facility, Rhodes had our experts at Perfect Connections, Inc. install a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system.  The surveillance and recording equipment is an added layer of protection that allows him to have eyes on his facility even when he can’t be there.  Rhodes is not only a customer, but a professional partner.  Rhodes and his team have developed a mutually beneficial working relationship with our team at Perfect Connections by collaborating on various jobs.  Our professionals have sub-contracted for Rhodes and vice versa. When asked about his experiences with Perfect Connections, he said, “It’s been a real pleasure working with Perfect Connections.”  The feeling’s mutual Steve!


Q&A with Steve Rhodes-Rhodes & Sons Electrical Contracting, Inc.


I was able to get some insight into the business of Rhodes & Sons after a quick Q&A with Steve.  While Rhodes & Sons runs the range of electrical and power installations and services, they specialize in KOHLER standby generator systems.  They are an authorized KOHLER Generators dealer and installer.  Aside from offering quality service and products, Rhodes & Sons is a reliable company that offers honest price quotes.  Many of their competitors tend to low-ball pricing just to win a job resulting in poor quality work and charges after the fact.  If you want something done right the first time, don’t fall for cheap gimmicks, go to the professionals at Rhodes & Sons.


While there isn’t a huge environmental impact associated with Rhodes & Sons work, there are some indirect environmental benefits from their installations.  We seem to be living in a progressively green-centric society; we’re trying to create less waste by recycling more and reduce our carbon footprint by investing in sustainable energy like windmills.  It’s no wonder Rhodes & Sons installs LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights whenever possible.  LEDs are not only better for the environment, they save the consumer money on their utilities and frequency of bulb replacement.  When you hire Rhodes & Sons you’re not only helping yourself, but the environment as well.


Rhodes & Sons has been in business since 1991, and as previously mentioned they are family owned and operated.  Steve hopes the business will remain in his family for generations to come because he said, “we like to have our family serve your family.”  Despite the economic uncertainty we are all experiencing now, Rhodes looks forward to future growth within his business.


Whether you’re in need of a generator hookup or complicated wiring, don’t hesitate to call the licensed professionals at Rhodes & Sons Electrical Contracting, Inc.. For further information and/or inquiries you can contact Steve and his staff at 732-424-0600.  Their hours of operation are weekdays Monday-Friday 7:00am-5:00pm.



Rock and Roll Trivia


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Question: What was the name of the band that was falsely rumored to be the Beatles Recording Incognito in 1976?

     A. The Knack
     B. The Dung Beatles
     C. Klaatu 
     D. The Rutles
     E. The Scruffs


 Previous Month's Rock n' Trivia Question


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Question: What was the original band name for Led Zeppelin?


       A. The New Yardbirds (Answer: A)    

     B. The Flat Tops

     C. Ratatat

     D. Rage Against The Machine





We offer a wide-range of Commercial and Residential Security Services that include: 

  • Surveillance Systems
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Fire Alarms
  • Access Control

For immediate assistance or information on any of our services, please email:

or call: 908-722-2880. 






Our referral program works like this. If someone you refer to us turns into a client, you get your choice of one of the following $50 gifts... 


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All you have to do is email us at customercare@perfectconnectionsinc.com and put "Referral Program" in the subject line. Please be sure to include the name and contact information for the person you are referring, along with the $50 gift of your choice.

Also, be sure to include your contact information so we can send you your gift, once your referral turns into a sale. If you prefer to call us with all the information, please do so at: 908-722-2880.


Thank you for reading our January issue. See you next month!




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