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January 2014




January 2014 Newsletter


Here's the January issue of the Connection e-Newsletter. We thank you for reading it each month. We hope that the articles are interesting and useful. In each issue you'll get security tips and techniques for home and business, Tech Corner, and more. Hope you enjoy!  


Please check out our newly reinvigorated blog at Every other day or so we post a blog relating to one topic in security. Recent posts have included interactive security, false alarms, different types of sensors, and what snow birds need to know before leaving their home for the winter. We'd like to know what you think. 



Maximize Inventory Security

If you've taken a basic accounting class, you probably already know about ABC scheduling. If you're unfamiliar with the term, ABC scheduling is a method used to account for inventory shrinkage, categorizing every item in your inventory by its value and risk of loss.

High value, frequent loss items fall in the A category. If you were a technology retailer, these would be small, easily stolen, high-end electronics, like smart phones. High value, lower loss items, are in the B category. This would be something like computer monitors that can be costly, but are harder to steal or damage. The C category would be lower cost, lower risk items, like inexpensive headphones.

Description: can use these same categories to streamline and maximize your inventory security. Your building or warehouse probably has rooms, corners, closets, shelves, etc. that vary widely in their level of security. So when it's time to reorganize your inventory storage, don't get too distracted by the desire to make Tetris shapes stack together perfectly.

Set out to put your A-level inventory into A-level storage, where it will be least likely to be stolen, damaged, or misplaced. If you don't have such a place yet, talk to your commercial security provider about installing a special A-level security zone. Then work your way down through levels B and C, until all of your property is put away in appropriately secure locations.

The same concept applies to your display shelving. Strategize so that your products are displayed not just for sales and aesthetics, but also keeping your most vulnerable inventory as safe as possible.




A Few Odd Security Tips

Lock up and set your alarm every single night. These are common sense ways to secure your home, but here are a few tips that may not have occurred to you yet...

1. Befriend the local gossip. You know the one, the neighbor who knows everybody on the block. This person is a natural neighborhood watch agent because he/she can't keep her nose out of the neighborhood drama. You probably met this person when you first moved into your home. Chances are this friend also knows who was scoping out your house the other day, and which of the vehicles parked on your street does not belong. Check in once in awhile and get the scoop.

2. You really need to clean out your garage. An open, clean garage gives you a place to park your car. With your vehicle safely tucked away each Description:, criminals can't tell whether you're home or away throughout the daylight hours. They can't vandalize your vehicle, and they can't get at you on your walk between the driver's seat and the front door. So make some space. You'll feel better.

3. Forgo the safe. Make hidey-holes instead. Your walls are mostly hollow between the studs. Make use of this space by creating hiding spots for jewelry, weapons, and cash. Cover the hole with a fake light switch or outlet plate that can be opened on a hinge or simply popped off when you need something.


TECH CORNER Description:

You Are the Weakest Link

You may have invested thousands in computer security, home security or commercial security. With the rise of automation and Internet-linked devices, you may be more concerned than ever, about the vulnerability of these systems to hacks and tampering.

Experts say that the technologies you use aren't usually the problem. The trouble is with the human.

Smart criminals know that humans are prone to two, innate social Description: helping and obeying. These criminals know how to use these against you. Some of the biggest security breaches in the news this year came about because a friendly-sounding con artist tricked some eager office worker into giving away passwords or security codes, by pretending to be a forgetful client or a confused coworker. Or they pose as authority figures, like a company executive or a security officer, and get you to comply with their requests out of a desire to please.

Don't be taken in. A rule of thumb is to never give out pass codes or security information on an incoming call. You can always look up the number and call the company back on your own, to ensure that you are talking to the correct person.     







The original lyrics to Rupert Holmes' classic "Escape (The Piņa Colada Song)" went like this:


A. "If you like Austin, Texas and getting caught in the rain..."                                                                                         B. "If you like Humphrey Bogart and getting caught in the rain..."                                                                                              C. "If you like taking a long walk and getting caught in the rain..."                                                                                              D. "If you like Pepsi Cola and getting caught in the rain..."





Pink Floyd's original band name was...


A. Sigma 6 (Correct Answer)**

B. Wright Waters

C. Sound Machine

D. The Effect



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