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 The Connection Newsletter



    Issue: # 2015-02                                                                       February 2015


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February 2015 Newsletter


Thank you for reading this issue of our newsletter.  


As always, your safety and security is foremost in everything we do. Though the days are getting longer, there is still a chance for more snow. With the snow we already have, make sure any flu you may have is not covered by snow drifts to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. 


Thank you for allowing Perfect Connections to protect your home and/or business. We truly appreciate it and sincerely hope you never have to use our products to save lives or protect property. 


This month in The Local Business Spot Lite we feature Lyons and Associates, a law firm based in Somerville, NJ that specializes in family and matrimonial law. They have built quite a reputation in the state for "giving personal attention to personal matters."


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Thank you again.



Commercial Security


Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-68279fb6-6432-4105-a099-57119377ba3c-v2 

Will Your Business Be Prepared If Disaster Strikes? 


Have you evaluated the likelihood of your business being able to survive a flood, hurricane, fire or some other type of natural disaster? Surprisingly, as many as 25 percent of all businesses that have to close because of some type of weather caused disaster will never open their doors again.


Even though there is no way that you will be able to reduce the risk of a natural disaster taking place, there are a number of steps that you can take to ensure your business is protected from the wrath of Mother Nature. The first step will be to create a disaster plan and then review it each year to ensure that it still meets your business’s needs. The key of this plan should be to keep your business secure, even when a disaster strikes.


Some helpful tips that will get you started with a

 disaster plan and ensure that your assets, employees and customers are protected are highlighted here:


  • Identify the likelihood of a disaster happening and determine which ones you are at the highest risk for.
  • Be sure that you have an adequate insurance policy to cover everything if a complete loss occurs.
  • Make a customized emergency response plan and be sure that your employees know their role.Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-755de7ed-cfc3-4732-aef2-5f015ad372f2-v2
  • Carry out drills and tests to ensure that the plan you have created can be carried out successfully.
  • Create a list of addresses and phone numbers that are important so that you will be able to reach important people after a disaster occurs.
  • Protect your data and computer storage by utilizing the services from data storage companies.
  • Take a full inventory of your existing business property and all of your equipment.

When you take the time to create a plan, you will be prepared if a natural disaster happens. After all, these can occur at any time and any place. Being prepared is your best line of defense. 



Residential Security



Tips That Will Help You Beat A Burglar



Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-0d72f989-05f4-4552-805e-2ccbadff920f-v2With burglars being bolder than ever, stealing jewelry and electronics from homes in broad daylight, it is time to take action to protect your home and belongings. You don’t have to be worried about your home and belongings every time you leave, but it will take some effort to ensure you and your home is safe.



Don’t Make It Easy



The majority of burglars are not master criminals. The fact is that they are looking for an easy target – a home they Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-c023fbda-2681-428a-a386-5e7e27d7bbd7-v2can access easily without being seen. If you leave your doors unlocked or your alarm system off, you are basically inviting criminals in. Even when you leave for just a couple of minutes, you have to lock your doors.



Be A Known Neighbor



It is essential that you get to know your neighbors. You need to tell them if you are going to be away and ask them to look out for your home. You should do the same for them if they are going to be away. Be sure that any strangers coming up to your property also stand out by trimming the bushes and the trees – especially the ones that are close to your windows and doors.



Make Your Home Come Alive



If you are going out, or going on vacation, you should think Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-527f80f5-308b-4382-8ca0-302318e9c82e-v2about getting a light timer that will provide the appearance that you are still at home. This will make a would-be-burglar avoid your home completely.


The fact is that burglars are out there and they are getting much bolder regarding breaking into homes. With the tips here you can ensure that you home is protected, no matter if you are home, or away.


Tech Corner

Description: https://d1yoaun8syyxxt.cloudfront.net/ed152-8e8510a3-005c-4113-8d26-712033ac01c4-v2 


High-Tech Security Gadgets To Keep Your Home And Business Safe


When it comes to technology there is no question that it is everywhere. However, did you know that there are actually a number of tech gadgets that can increase the security of your home or business? If not, check out some of the latest and greatest gadgets that are now available to help keep you safe.


A Barking Dog Alarm


If you are looking for that German Shepard effect – minus the bite marks – then this is definitely the device for you. When the alarm is triggered it will give off the sound of a vicious guard dog that would definitely send any would-be intruder running for the hills.


A Guard-Mat


This is an innovative little device that will send a signal wirelessly to a chiming unit whenever someone steps on it. This is ideal for anyone who may want an extra notification of someone entering the house.


Security can be fun, as seen with the gadgets highlighted here. If you are ready to add a little tech to your security system these gadgets will help you do just that!



The Local Business Spot Lite: Lyons & Associates, P.C.


Having a family is more often than not a highlight of many adults’ lives.  First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage, right?  As Utopian as that sentiment may be, the reality is not always as perfect, but let’s face it we live in an imperfect world.  You never know when you may need legal guidance in your marriage, civil union, partnership, or family relationships.  That’s where the legal team at Lyons & Associates, P.C. comes in.  Family law is their specialty and they have been providing legal services to New Jersey families since 2004.  Managing Partner Theresa Lyons and her team offer a wide range of services and handle each situation with personal care.  Their firm motto says it all, “Personal Attention for Personal Matters.”


You can imagine with such personal information being discussed and documented Lyons & Associates, P.C. has the need to protect client data.  Our experts at Perfect Connections, Inc. were able to provide the type of coverage they needed by installing a burglar alarm at their office located in Somerville, New Jersey.  When I asked Christine Kieran, Legal Administrator for the office, how they use the system and how it has been working for them she said, “We use the alarm service to protect our client’s personal information, private financial documents, and to secure the equipment and technology used on a daily basis.  It has been working great.  It’s very user friendly and you have a sense of security when you close the office for the day.”  At Perfect Connections, Inc. we can provide comprehensive security systems that include fire and burglar alarms, video surveillance, alarm monitoring, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and access control for both residential and commercial applications.


Q & A with Christine Kieran, Legal Administrator-Lyons & Associates, P.C.


After asking Christine a few questions about the firm, I was able to get a better understanding of what Lyons & Associates is all about.  Knowing that Lyons & Associates is a family law firm I wanted to know what that means as far as what client services are available.  According to Christine the firm, “encompasses all aspects of family law such as divorce, custody, domestic violence, same-sex couples, child abuse, [and] grandparent visitation.”  These are just a few of the areas they practice in.  She also informed me that there are 5 lawyers on the Lyons & Associates team.  You can visit the firm website for full bios on each lawyer.  Christine said, “All (lawyers) of whom have enjoyed prestigious judicial clerkships and who focus on only matrimonial law.”


After perusing their website I came across their client testimonials, and they have a lot.  I wanted to know what is it about Lyons & Associates that makes them so highly recommended among clientele.  Christine said, “We pride ourselves on a friendly, welcoming environment, affordable and client centered.  Our Motto: ‘Personal Attention for Personal Matters.’”  If that’s not enough, take a look at their reviews & testimonials for yourself.  You really get the sense that you won’t be just another number to the Lyons & Associates team.  With such a promising group of professionals I wanted to know if they had any plans for expanding the firm, and what they are looking forward to in the future.  According to Christine they are currently expanding and they’re looking forward to the new book by their Managing Partner, Theresa Lyons, it’s called “Sticks and Stones.”  The book will illustrate, “the sometimes messy world of law, and how the law affects our lives.”


Whether you, a friend, or a loved one is in need of legal guidance on a family matter do not hesitate to contact the highly skilled professional team at Lyons & Associates, P.C.  Their offices are located in Somerville, New Jersey but they serve all of New Jersey State.  Typical office hours are 8:30am-6:00pm with evening hours available upon request.  The firm can also be accessed 24 hours a day through their website at http://www.lyonspc.com/ and a mobile app at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lyons/id810074574?mt=8 .  You can also call for a consultation appointment at 908-575-9777.



Rock and Roll Trivia


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Question: What did Beach Boy leader Brian Wilson have constructed around his piano for song writing inspiration?


       A. A model of Santa Monica Pier
 B. A giant sand box

       C. A moat

       D. A Bahamian beach 



 Previous Month's Rock n' Trivia Question


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Question: What was the name of the band that was falsely rumored to be the Beatles Recording Incognito in 1976?

      A. The Knack 
     B. The Dung Beatles 
     C. Klaatu  ( A Music writer in Rhode Island First floated the rumor because the band's album, released on Capitol Records, had no pictures and no credits for band members or songwriters; the NME later ran a story headlined "Deaf Idiot Journalist Starts Beatle Rumour. )

     D. The Rutles 
     E. The Scruffs






We offer a wide-range of Commercial and Residential Security Services that include: 

  • Surveillance Systems
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Fire Alarms
  • Access Control

For immediate assistance or information on any of our services, please email:

or call: 908-722-2880. 






Our referral program works like this. If someone you refer to us turns into a client, you get your choice of one of the following $50 gifts... 


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All you have to do is email us at customercare@perfectconnectionsinc.com and put "Referral Program" in the subject line. Please be sure to include the name and contact information for the person you are referring, along with the $50 gift of your choice.

Also, be sure to include your contact information so we can send you your gift, once your referral turns into a sale. If you prefer to call us with all the information, please do so at: 908-722-2880.


Thank you for reading our February issue. See you next month!




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