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Issue: # 2014-2

February 2014




February 2014 Newsletter


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Is Your Small Business Keeping its Data Safe?


The security of your clients' information is your responsibility. No matter how big or small the business, if the personal information of one of your customers falls into the wrong hands, you could be held liable. Make sure that your contacts and employees are safe by following these simple protocols, and by training and retraining your employees to do the same.

1. Keep your loss prevention software running and up to date. It should check emails, chat, and Internet traffic, which are the places a virus is most likely to hide.

2. Keep personnel documents on a network separate from your workflow. PDF documents are a great place to hide malware, so be especially careful when accepting applications for employment. These documents need their own, isolated pool to swim in, so they have no chance to infect the rest of your office.

Description: Don't let employees use company devices on a public WIFI network. If they need to be out in the field with a laptop or tablet from work, make sure they use only secured networks, and that they keep strong passwords on all of their devices. You never know who might be sitting in that same coffee shop fishing for information.

4. Shred everything. This is what the law means when it says you must dispose of information properly. It protects your customers, and it protects you.

5. Keep it simple, and keep it fresh. These protocols, and any others, that are pertinent to your particular field, need to be displayed constantly, and repeated often enough that they become a habit for every person on your team. It's the only way to prevent a very costly mistake.




Security For Seniors

You have probably already taken the most important step in home security, which is installing the best home security system you can afford. Once you activate your system, there are a few other helpful measures you can take to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

·         Switch to direct deposit for the delivery of as many of your incoming checks as you can, including Social Security. If your house is being watched, it won't be long before a potential criminal figure out which day your check usually arrives in the mailbox. If direct deposit is not an option, consider an inexpensive P.O. Box or the home of a trusted relative.

·         Always lock your doors even on the sunniest, safest of days. Home invasions happen quickly. If your doors are locked, you have a much better chance of not becoming a Description: And if the intruder isn't deterred by a locked door, it still gives you a few valuable moments to call 911 and get out. Just be sure to give a spare key to a close friend or neighbor.

·         Lastly, make your phone your buddy. Keep it with you all the time, but especially when you answer the door. If you use a cell phone, keep it charged. If you use a landline, make sure the phone can be used in every room of the house.These simple steps will make your humble abode into the fortress you need it to be for years to come.


TECH CORNER Description:

The Future of Anti-Virus Injections

Until recent years, the computers and devices of small company employees had to be hooked into the office network, in order to receive their regular anti-virus software updates. That is no longer so.

Description:, a quickly growing number of small-to-medium sized businesses get their anti-virus updates from the cloud. They subscribe to cloud-based, anti-virus services such as Panda Security. After that, employees can be at home, at work, or in Dubai, and still keep their system security current up to the minute.

This is good news for businesses everywhere, as spam now accounts for more than 80% of all email, and much of that is infected with malware that could bring an entire office network to its knees.     





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