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Issue: # 2012-2

February 2012




Dear Patrick,

Welcome to the second issue of our newsletter for 2012.  Thank you for your positive response to the January issue.  In this issue we give you some items to think about for safey and tell you what internet and GSM connectivity of your alarm system can mean to you.


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Patrick Chrustinsky
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True security, that which protects property, family, and you, is a multi-step process. I have never been the kind to sell with fear but the fact remains that there are bad people out there that are ready to take advantage of you if given the opportunity. In the news quite often is identity theft. You can take fear of identity theft to the furthest level and never give out any personal information, shred every piece of mail you receive, and never purchase anything online or on the phone. That is not the way most people want to live and most people, including myself, are not disciplined enough. Basic steps must be taken to protect yourself. Use multiple random passcodes and change them regularly. Review statements for unusual activity. Shred papers with personal information.


Second is personal safety. When away from home do the simple things. Make sure your car is in good working order and has enough gas in it to get you to your destination. Make sure your cell phone is charged in case of emergency. When using an ATM, be aware of the environment. Many drive up ATMs are behind the bank with no visibility from the street. Pay attention to your gut, if it's giving you a queasy feeling take heed and leave. Be aware of your environment, always.


Third is property/personal safety and our area of expertise. Don't leave doors unlocked in your house when you leave. Don't leave accessible windows open when the house is empty or you are sleeping. Don't run the clothes dryer when you are not home. Don't burn unattended candles, ever. If you don't have them, install deadbolts on your doors. Reinforce sliding doors so they can't easily be popped open. Trim bushes and trees so they don't block windows. Lock extension ladders if kept outdoors so they can't be used for entry into your home. Make sure your garage door is kept closed and your opener can't be opened by anyone but you. Keep codes for entry private.


If you have a security system, use it. Test your system regularly. If it needs service, call to have it done. If you haven't used it for a while, call for a refresher on its operation. Make sure everyone in the home knows the code. Give visitors and employees their own private code (call us for instruction on how to do this). Have your system reviewed to find out if any additions or changes should be made (We will be happy to do this for no charge).


If you don't have a security system, consider having one installed in your home and place of business. Your home will be many times less likely to be burglarized and you will save money on your homeowners insurance as well. Call for our free Safety & Security audit.



Last month we discussed the many security benefits of having your alarm system communicate via GSM and/or the internet to the central station. This month we will take a look at the many convenience features now available.

First off, your smart phone, tablet and computer can now become keypads. Everything you can do from your keypad, you can do from your device. And it doesn't matter where you and your device are, it can be in the master bedroom, the garage, or walking down the street in Rome, New York or Italy. As long as you have an internet connection, you can communicate with your alarm panel.

Apart from the obvious convenience of being able to arm and disarm your alarm panel from wherever you are, there are other benefits as well. You can log onto your system and see if the alarm was armed by your babysitter. If not, you can arm it. You are expecting someone to come to your home and you forgot to activate a code for them, no problem, simply log on and disarm the system. Want to see if any windows were left open, right again, simply log on and you will see what windows are not closed.

Now lets take the information a step further. Both of you work and if would be great if you could automatically be notified that your son or daughter came home from school. When they disarm the alarm system, an email or text message can be automatically sent to you telling your who disarmed the system and at what time. If they are supposed to turn the alarm back on when inside the house, you will be notified that they did that as well. If the alarm is tripped, you will receive a notification as well.

A further advantage is remote home automation. Home automation has been hyped a lot in past years and for the most part has been cumbersome and expensive to use. With recent advances in communications technology, that has changed. You can now log onto your system and adjust the temperature in your house and turn lights on and off right from an app on your smart phone. Here is a real world application - you go away for a couple days in the winter and turn the heat down to fifty. Now in the past you would come home, turn the heat up and be uncomfortable until the house warmed up. Now, when you are an hour away, log on, turn the heat up and you come home to a comfortable house. It also in handy if you forgot to turn the heat down before you left. It will help you save money and energy.

If you have an existing alarm system, in many cases, some or all of these features can be added on to the system you already have. New systems are available that make using these features as easy as pushing a button. Call us for details and if we can make your current system more convenient to use.




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