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December 2013




December 2013 Newsletter


Here's the December issue of the Connection e-Newsletter. In each issue you'll get security tips and techniques for the residential and commercial markets, Tech Corner, and more. Hope you enjoy! 



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Friendly Ways to Reduce Shoplifting


If you're in the retail business, you know it's one matter to prevent theft after hours, when buildings are empty, lights are off, the alarm is on, and doors are locked. Keeping out shoplifters while you're open for business, is a whole other story. An annual survey reported that last year, more than a fourth of the $35 billion in lost sales was caused by shoplifting.


No one wants to alienate customers with undue suspicions and inconvenient security measures. Prevent shoplifting in a discreet, friendly way, by training your employees to do the following:

         Greet everyone. This is a good business practice, because it presents your store as a welcoming, safe environment. It also sends a message to potential shoplifters that they are not anonymous, unnoticed browsers, who can do as they like.

         Offer help, especially if you notice a customer who seems to linger in one area without touching or browsing. He/she may simply be a confused buyer who needs help understanding the product line. But if they are a shoplifter, waiting for an opportune moment, they now know it's too late.   Description: 

         Keep a private shoplifting log. This can be a white board or a notebook in the back room, someplace customers will never see. It's a community diary in which your employees can write down suspicious incidents, such as customers who enter and leave repeatedly, or who linger in spots that are hard to monitor. They can give descriptions of the person in question, and log losses that may have occurred that day. That way everyone can be on the same page, and know what to watch for in the future.



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Door to Door Danger


Seems like it never fails. Every sunny, Saturday afternoon tends to come with a surprise caller or two at your doorstep. Between the Girl Scouts' cookie drives and local kids selling candy bars for school, you're likely to open up to dozens of perfect strangers each year.


There's nothing wrong with being neighborly. But if the person standing on your front porch is not easily identifiable, it's best to be cautious about opening the door.


Description: have come up with a clever way to pillage in broad daylight by acting like legitimate door-to-door salesmen or trades people. They usually present a bogus reason for showing up, such as an electrical problem, or a water issue you know nothing about. They will try to distract you with a sales pitch.


Ideally, they will get you to walk with them outside, around the corner, to a spot where you can no longer see your front door. While they have your attention, the accomplices walk right in to help themselves to as much cash and small valuables as they can carry.


So how do you tell the difference between a Boy Scout and a burglar? Check their ID. Any reputable employee of a county office or a utility company, will have a ID card on them at all times. If you're not convinced by the card, call the company in question and double check that they sent someone to your home. If you're alone, and unsure about the person who wants in, play it safe, and keep the door locked.






Home Automation on a Budget


Belkin has come out with a very clever light switch. For around $50, you can install a basic WeMo system on your home network, and control your household lights from any iPad, iPhone, or computer. For $50 more, your new switch comes with motion sensors that can be configured to turn on a light the moment you walk into a room. No more dark, scary hallways or fumbling for the switch when you walkDescription: in through the back door.


What else can you do with an automated light switch? You can trick those cruising home invaders while you're away. It doesn't have to waste electricity; just a quick on and off in the front room can throw a potential burglar off.        .


This is a great buy for those who want to test out the waters of home automation gradually, since there is very little cost or risk involved. Even if your wifi connection were somehow compromised, a light flicking hacker is scarcely more dangerous than the average, bored toddler.







Pink Floyd's original band name was...


A. Sigma 6

B. Wright Waters

C. Sound Machine

D. The Effect







B.B. King owned several Gibson ES-355 guitars, and all of them were named...


A. Rhonda

B. Lucille**** (CORRECT ANSWER)

C. Belinda

D. Gloria




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